How to Prepare for Exam

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1. How to prepate for LDC exams?
Due to the secured nature of government jobs, many people are looking for careers in public sector. This is the first entry point for starting a career in public sector.

Candidates will have to answer 100 questions within 1.15 hours.


50 Marks for General Knowledge & Current Affairs.
20 Marks for Mathematics & Mental Ability
20 Marks for English
10 Marks for Malayalam

Allocate maximum time for preparing Mathematics & Mental Ability sections. Similarly, focus more on these sections during the test, as they are prone to confuse you often.
General Knowledge & Current Affairs have to study thoroughly it will help to save time. Read newspapers with special focus on current affairs.
Do not guess blindly as there is negative mark for each wrong answer. It comes 0.33 for each wrong answer.
Time Management is the most needed skill to answer all the questions in time.
Do not erase or overwrite frequently. Since the OMR sheets are read by computers, any improper erasing marks will be calculated as wrong answers, will lead you to get negative marks.
Working on previous year question papers will help you to develop speed, time allocation & understanding the type of questions asked.
Try to attending mock tests using sample PSC exam question papers, which will help you to decide to calculate of time needed to answer each question.

2. How can you minimize Negative Marks?
Every candidate should be more concerned about Negative marks. Negative marks in PSC exams are awarded to each and every wrong answer, which comes 0.35 marks for each wrong answer.

Analyze the Question paper in advance by referring previous question papers. This helps to get a clear picture of the type of questions in each section. For this, previous question papers would help you in knowing the pattern
Practice is the only key to reach the success. You have to complete 100 questions in 1.15 hours, its necessary for the candidates to figure out short-cut methods, easy problem solving skills in Mathematics and Mental Ability Test. So that precious time could be saved.
Prepare short notes of your preparations, formulas, important theorems etc, so you can refer to it during the last minute preparation rather than reading the books.
Be cool & calm while writing the exam. Getting tensed on an unknown question or hurrying to complete the exam soon, it will contribute to negative marks.
Answer the questions that you are confident of being correct, rather than getting stuck with a question & wasting time trying to answer it.
Do not guess until you are very sure about the answer. Guessing can drastically reduce the marks.


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