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Tradesman-Plumber,Technical Education - 2016


Time Remaining :
1. Stand pipes are provided at the distribution system of:
Starting point

Highest point of distribution system

Lowest point of distribution system

Dead end of distribution system
2. Pressure Relief valves are provided in a water line for:
Increase the water pressure

Relieve high pressure from the line

Regulate the pressure of flow

Divert the pressure
3. Hydrant is provided for :
Irrigation purpose

Drinking purpose

Fire fighting purpose

Washing purpose
4. Self-closing water tap are capable for:
Wash basin

Kitchen sink

Public drinking fountain

Batch room
5. Reseating tool is used for:
cleaning of valve

setting of valve

dismantling of valve

leveling and cleaning of valve seat
6. The name employed for a fitting,having a large size at one end than on the other:


Tee joint

7. What should be the minimum distance between the hot and cold-water risers in a plumbing system?
150 mm

200 mm

250 mm

300 mm
8. The size of vent pipe is determined according to :
According to the Size of drain and Number of drain pipe

According to the Length of drain and Number of drain

According to the Number of fittings and Size of fittings

According to the Number of traps installed in the line
9. Why bottom of the leaching cesspool made watertight?
for store the effluent

effluent get dispersed into the surrounding soil

To spared effluent to ground

for safe deposit
10. Where lime concrete is used?
Heavy duty construction

Light duty construction

Under foundation

Roof concreting
11. Why reinforcement is added in cement concrete?
For easy setting

For increasing load capacity

For heavy pressure

For water proof
12. Mild steel pipe after galvanization is called:
MS pipe

GI pipe

CI pipe

Steel pipe
13. The name of valve which prevents the back flow of water is known as?
Gate valve

Ball valve

Check valve

Stop valve
14. The height of water meter above the water supply line should be :
100 cm

50 cm

30 cm

20 cm
15. For checking and clearing of house drain,the access is provided by:
Inspection chamber

Door tree


Lamp hole
16. The minimum size of a public sewer should be:
60 mm

60 cm

60 Inch

60 Foot
17. The minimum distance between a water source and a septic tank should be:



18. A structure constructed for drawing water from reservoir is called:
Check dam



19. Alum is used as:
As disinfent

Filter media


Water softner
20. The trap which provided at drop man hole is called:
Gully trap

Intercpting trap

Floor trap

Bottle trap
21. An inverted siphon is a:
Sanitary fitting

Masonry fitting

Sewer section

House sewer section
22. Place preffered to fix scour valve is:
In the distribution system at the dead ends

In the distribution system at middle

In the distribution system at highest portion

In the distribution system at the lowest portion
23. The coal tar coating of CI pipe is done to :
Protect against correction

Protect against brittleness

Protect against flexibility

Protect against fusibility
24. Steel pipes are joined by :
Capillary joint

Adhesive joint

Welded joint

Bell and spigot joint
25. Withstanding pressure capacity of steel pipe is:
Higher than CI pipe

Lower than CI pipe

Lowe than AC pipe

Lower than SWG pipe
26. Cupper pipe can easily bend but :
can't cut

do not sag

can't reduce

can't joint
27. Soft solder capillary joints are used for:
CI pipe joint

Copper pipes joint

AC pipe joint

Led pipes joint
28. PVC pipe can resist :
High external load

Most inorganic chemicals

High temperature

Extra heavy water pressure.
29. The layers of Composite pipes are :
Polyethylene ,Aluminium and Polyethylene respectively

Polyethylene ,Fibber and Polyethylene respectively

Fibber,Aluminium and Polyethylene respectively

Aluminium,Fibber and Polyethylene respectively
30. The mostly used CI pumping main joint are :
Adhesive joint

Socket and spigot joint

Screwed joint

Flanged joint
31. The depth of Hemp used in a Socket and spigot joint are:
50 cm

30 cm

20 cm

5 cm
32. Flanged joint are capable for:
Where it maybe lay underground

Where it maybe occasionally dismantle or reassembling

Where it maybe bear vibration or deflection of pipe

Where it maybe bear high velocity of flow
33. Sand cast CI pipe used in water supply shall conform to:



34. On a gate valve water flow from around the stuffing box Why?
Valve seat worn-out

Defective packing in the stuffing box

In a gate valve

Valve is old and unserviceable
35. In which valve have an internal partition in it?
Gate valve

Sluice valve

check valve

Glob valve
36. Where the flush hydrant are insulated?
Ground level


Above the ground

Up to 90cm above the ground level
37. The water meter which used for measuring small flow of water is :

Positive displacement water meter


Turbine type
38. Union joint must be:
At every 50 m

At every 75 m

At every 100 m

At every 200 m
39. Water is mechanically lifted by means of:
By pulley

By tubs

By bucket

By pump
40. What is the function of footvalve?
To hold water in delivery

To drain out water from delivery

To hold water in suction

To drain out water from suction
41. To prevent the hammer:
Valves and tap should be avoid

Valves and tap should be closed slowly

Valves and tap should be always open

Valves and tap should be always close
42. Water supply is designed for :
An estimated population

Quantity of water available

The catchment area

Quality of water
43. In india which type of supply system is followed?
In dual system

Direct pumping system

In the intermittent supply system of water

Continuous supply system water
44. The treatment of water is depend upon the:
Quantity of water

Quality of water

Turbidity of water

Hardness of water
45. Permeable hardness of soft water is:
0 to 75 mg/lit

0 to 80 mg/lit

0 to 85 mg/lit

0 to 90 mg/lit
46. Lime soda process is employed for :
sedimentation of water

Removal of temporary hardness of water

Removal of permanent hardness of water

Removal of colloidal impurities of water
47. pH value acceptable in public water supply is:
9.0 to 10

7 to 8.5

6.5 to 9.2

5.5 to 8.5
48. Filtration process is removal off?
Floating matters

Suspended matters

Fine Suspended matters

Microorganisms and colloidal matters
49. Intake shall be:
Near the source of water

Far from the source of water

Higher than the source of water

No any distraction
50. Slow sand filters are:
Gravity type

Pressure type

Non pressure type

Flow type
51. Clogged filter media in Rapid sand filter is removed by:
Changing media

By scraping

Back wash

Never to clean
52. Most frequently used fitting in water supply is:
Gate valve

Float valve

Pillar tap

Bib cock
53. Priming is the process of :
Removing the trapped water

Removing the trapped air

Removing the trapped waste matters

Removing the damaged parts
54. To increase the sufficient pressure of distribusion system:
Jet pump is required

Turbine pump is required

Stage pump is required

Buster pump is required
55. The valve which installed suction end is:
Check valve

Non- return valve

Foot valve

Pin valve
56. Instant water heaters are:
Automatic type

Manual type

Pressure type

Non pressure type
57. Water heater to be swatch on :
After texting

After loading water

After drain out

Without water
58. One of the benefits of rain water harvesting is:
Ground water table raise

Surface source will over flow

Sea level will raise

Run off will clean the ground
59. The top of the sump shall be 150 mm above the formation of ground level Why?
For identification

For made a structure over it

For preventing the entry of surface water

For made a office building over it
60. The best and most improved system of sanitary plumping is?
One pipe system

Two pipe system

Single stack system

Combined system
61. The second set of pipe in two pipe system is recommended for :
Carrying sullage waste

Carrying soil waste

Carrying floor water only

Carrying sullage and soil waste
62. Lateral fittings are called:
Soil fittings

Waste fittings

Common fittings

Both soil and waste fittings
63. Which one of the following is the method of drawing from river bed?
Deep well

Ground well

Intake well

Tub well
64. Water will not available for extinguishing from?
In dual system

Continuous supply system

Direct pumbing system

In the intermittent supply system of water
65. Which system of water supply system is suitable for irreularly growing towns?
Ring system

Tree system

Radial system

Grind iron system
66. Dual system is also known as :
Gravity system Combined gravity and pumping system

Combined gravity and pumping system

Direct pumping system

Radial system
67. In base exchange process:
High turbidity water can use

Filtration is not required

No sludge is formed

Sludge is formed
68. Aeration process is used for removal of:
Dissolved gasses tastes and odours

Suspended matters

Fine Suspended matters

Microorganisms and colloidal matters
69. How to remove scale formation from the water heater?
Applying sodium chloride

Applying diluted hydrochloric acid

Applying diluted sulphuric acid

Applying concentrated nitric acid
70. The water storage tank at elevated position are called:
Over head tank

Surface tank

Common tank

71. Pipe which carrying silage water from baths are called?
Soil pipe

Waste pipe

Rain water pipe

Siphon pipe
72. The permissible dosage of chlorine in drinking water is:
02.5 to 2.10 mg/liter

1.05 to 1.10 mg/liter

01.10 to 2.10 mg/liter

0.05 to 0.10 mg/liter
73. Fitting which used for connecting service connection to water main is?
Union ferrule

Reduce and cupping

Reduce and valve

Reduce and union
74. On some wooden beam ,some where a little part may be come out while cutting or hammering,what is the name of that part?



75. Where the manhole are provided in straight lengths of pipelines?
At 50 meter intervals

40 meter intervals

30 meter intervals

20 meter intervals
76. Why water seal is required in a trap?
To allow the passage of waste water

To prevent the flow of waste water

To prevent the passage of foul gases from the drain

To block the soil passage
77. Rotary pumps are :
Centrifugal type

Displacement type

Pneumatic type

Hand operated type
78. The presence of Minerals caused in water:



79. The permissible turbidity of domestic water is:
5 to 12 p.p.m

5 to 10 p.p.m

5 to 8 p.p.m

5 to 7 p.p.m
80. The Gravity system of water distribution is depends on:
Size of pipe

Heights of distribusion tank

Size of distribution tank

Location of valves
81. Who is the present chair person of National commission for women in India?
Jayanti Patnaik

Lalitha Kumaramangalam

Mamta sharma

Dr.Girija Vyas
82. The first atheist news paper in Kerala Yukthivadi was published in the year:



83. To which ruler the Malayali Memorial was submitted?
Sree Moolam Thirunal

Sree Chithira Thirunal

Swati Thirunal

Ayilyam Thirunal
84. Who authored "Kannunirtulli"?
Vallathol Narayana Menon

Kumaran Asan

Nalappat Narayana Menon

Kuttipurathu Kesavan Nair
85. Which place was the main venue of salt Styagraha in Kerala?



86. Who is the present pesident of the Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham?
Kadamanitta Ramakrishnan

U.A Khader


M.K. Sanu
87. Who hailed Temple Entry Proclamation as "a miracle of modern times"?
Sree chithira Thirunal

T.K. Madhavan

E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker

Mahatma Ghandhi
88. Name the women activist who won the Kerala Sahitya Acadami Award in 1977:

Balamani Amma

Parvathi Manazhi

Lalithambika Anthearjanma
89. Who was the first President of the Indian Constituent Assembly?
Dr.Sachidanand Sinha

B.R. Ambedkar

Rajendra Prasad

90. Which article of Indian Constitution provides for National Emergency?



91. In which Indian state Rup Kanwar was immolated as Sati in 1987?



Madhya Pradesh
92. Who was the architect of Vidhan Bhavan,Bhopal which brought Agakhan Award to India?
Charles Correa

B.V. Doshi

Satish Gujral

Laurie Baker
93. "Athmakathakkoru Amukham" is the autoboigraphy of:
Akkamma Cherian

Anna Chandi

Kuttimalu Amma

Lalitha Prabhu
94. Which community of Kerala is represented by the Yogakshema Sabha?



95. The winner of Vallathol Award in 2015?
O.N.V. Kuruppu

Kavalam Narayana Panikkar

P.Narayana Kuruppu

96. In which year the First Amendment Act of India constitution was passed?



97. The Travancore Diwan who permitted the Shannar women to cover their upper parts:
Raja Kesav Das

Velu Thampi Dalawa

Oommini Thampi.

Col.John Munro
98. Whose ideas of social reform are represented by "Kerala Kaumudi"?
Sree Narayana Guru

Chattampi Swamikal


K.P. Karuppan
99. Which is the Indian State given autonomous status by the Article 370?



Jammu and Kashmir
100. "Rationalism is not a religion.It is an attittuide to accept knowledge based upon reson" whose words are these?
Poyikayil Yohannan

Sahodaran K. Ayyappan

Swadesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai

Vakkam Abdul Khadir Maulavi