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Lab Tech Asst - Maintanance and Repairs of two wheelers- 2015


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1. The petrol engine is working on:
Constant Pressure Cycle

Constant Volume Cycle

Carnot Cycle

None of the above
2. The main difference in operation of petrol engine from diesel engine is that :
draws air fuel mixture during suction

draws only air during suction

inlet valve closes during compression

exhaust valve opens during exhaust stroke
3. If a single cylinder engine produce a power in each rotation of crank shaft,then the engine is a:
4 - stroke engine

2 - stroke engine

Wankel engine

All of the above
4. The antiknocking properties of petrol is expressed in :

SAE number

Cetane number

Octane number
5. The number of crank pin in the crank shaft of a V-type engine is:
equal to number of cylinder

equal to double of number of cylinder

equal to half of number of cylinder

None of the above
6. The size of fly wheel used in single cylinder 4-stroke engine compared to a fly wheel of the single cylinder 2-stroke engine of the same capacity is :



None of the above
7. Which of the following compound is added to petrol to improve it's anti knocking property?
Sodium bicarbonate

Calcium bicarbonate

Pottasium nitrate

Tetra ethyl lead
8. Diaphragm type mechanical fuel pump is driven by:


Camshaft eccentric

Cooling fan
9. If the engine is continues to running after the ignition switch is turned off is called:



10. The component of battery coil ignition system which convert battery voltage into breakdown voltage is called:

Ignition Coil

Ballast resistor

11. The mechanism which uses fly weights to advance spark in the engine cylinder is:
Vacuum advance mechanism

Centrifugal advance mechanism

Manual advanced mechanism

None of the above
12. The location of exhaust port and transfer portof a two stroke engine which carries out loop flow scavengingis:
at opposite sides of cylinder

same side of the cylinder

exhaust port located at head

transfer port located at head
13. Helical control groove in FIP is provided in:
Control sleeve

Control pinion


Pump cylinder
14. Decompressor arrangement is provided for :
to circulate refrigerent

to increase volumetric efficiency

release pressure from cylinder for easy cranking

decrease fuel supply
15. For proper fixing in to the engine cylinder , the outer surface of which linear need to be accurately finished:
Wet liner

Dry liner

Wet liner and Dry liner

None of the above
16. The space between the piston and cylinder wall is called :
piston clearence

end clearence

lip clearence

None of the above
18. Valve train clearence is known as:
valve lift

valve overlap

guide clearence

valve lash
19. Which among the following bearings are commonly known as antifriction bearing?
foot step bearing

journal bearing

collar bearing

bail and roller bearing
20. How many cells are there in a 12 V lead acid battery?



21. Which among the following material is used as a solid lubricant?
Calcium chloride

Calcium carbonate

Copper sulphate

22. On discharged condition both positive and negative plates of lead acid battery is changed into:



None of the above
23. What is the effect of increase in temperature on specific gravity of electrolyte of lead acid battery?
Specific gravity decreases

Specific gravity increases

First decreases then increases

No effect
24. What will be the open circuit voltage of a cell of a fully charged battery of lead acid type?
12.6 V

3.1 V

2.1 V

10 V
25. In an electric circuit the ammeter is connected in:
parallel to the circuit

series to the circuit

either series or parallel

None of the above
26. In compound wound starting motors the firld coil is:
Connected parallel with the armature

Both series and parallel with the armature

Connected in series with the armature

None of the above
27. The spark plug gap is in the range of :
2.3 mm

0.6 to 1 cm

0.5 to 1.5 cm

0.6 to 1 mm
28. The centrifugal force on the pressure plate of semi centrifugal clutch can be adjusted by:
adjusting screw on lever

adjusting nut on the pressure plate

adjusting spring force

pivoted ring
29. The type of gear wheels used in sliding mesh gear box:
helical gear

double helical gear

spur gear

spiral gear
30. The tool which is used to remove gear,bearing,wheels and pulleys from their attaching components are?
Screw driver

Monkey plier


31. In semi floating type rear axle,the bearing is located?
On the axle and inside axle casing

On the axle casing and inside the hub

On tha axle and inside the hub

None of the above
32. Which of the following is finishing operation of machined components?



33. The type of jack with diamond shaped frame having a nut on one side and a sleeve on other side:

Trolley type

Scissor type

Bottle type
34. Which of the following is not a test conducting for injectors?
Vacuum test

Spray test

Pressure test

Leakage test
35. The advantage of tandem master cylinder is that:
It never fails

Vehicle does not skid

Can provide individual fluid lines for all axle

100% breaking efficiency
36. The part of hydraulic brake system which actuates brake shoes directly:
Master cylinder

Push road

Wheel cylinder

Brake pedal
37. The brake pads of disc brakes are returned by:
Retractor spring

Rubber seal ring

Shoe return spring

38. When operation has to be done on the ends of brake pipe to prevent leakage?


Counter sinking

39. The volatile liquid that filled in belows type thermostat is:
ethylene glycol



40. In tubular type radiator cores:
Air flows through tubes and coolent passes around

Coolent passes through tubes and air passes around

Air and coolent passes through tubes

Air and coolent passes around tubes
41. Which of the following is not an effect of providing cooling fins around engine cylinder?
Increase heat trasfer area

Decrease heat transfer rate

Increase cooling effficiency

None of the above
42. The boiling point of at normal atmospheric pressure is:
212 degree F

273 degree K

100 degree F

100 degree K
43. Most of the coolent pumps used in automobiles are of:
Gear type

Vane type

Reciprocating type

Impeller type
44. The commonly used firing order for six cylinder in line engine is:



45. What material is plating on bore of aluminium alloy cylinder blocks to obtain a wear resistant surface?



46. What is the advantage of alluminium alloy piston over cast iron piston of same size?
higher brittleness

less thermal conductivity

lighter in weight

All of the above
47. What is the purpose of providing vertical slot or T-slots on piston?
for the seating of compression ring

for the seating of oil ring

for lubrication

restrict the change in diameter during thermal expansion
48. The volume of cylinder when piston at TDC is called:
swept volume

clearence volume

engine displacement

piston clearence
49. The nuts and bolts are usually made of :
cast iron

mild steel

chromium steel

None of the above
50. The instrument which is used to measure current voltage and resistance:



51. The needle valve of carburettor is closed and opened by :
air jet

main petrol jet

throttle valve

52. Which of the following is a temporary fastening method?
screwed jointing



53. Anealing is a heat treatment process to :
Soften the steel

Harden the core of steel

Harden the surface of steel

Temper the steel
54. The tool which is used to remove broken stud from threaded hole is:
stud remover

stud extractor

welding holder

55. One atmospheric pressure is equal to :
1 bar

10 bar

760 mm of H2O

1.01325 bar
56. Which of the following is not a unit of work?
Newton metre/second

Newton metre


57. The quantity of heat required to raise a unit mass of substance through a unit raise in temperature is called:
specific heat

latent heat

sensible heat

calorific value
58. Which of the following is a cold starting device used in diesel engine?
choke valve

cooling coil

priming pump

glow plug
59. In battery less conventional ignition system ,the current generates and supplies for the primary winding of ignition system by:



60. How many high tension leads are there in a distributor cap for a twin cylinder four stroke engine with a spark plug in each cylinder?



61. Which of the following is not a cause for diesel engine does not start?
air in the fuel system

blocked or clogged fuel filter or fuel lines

small leakage in diesal tank

None of the above
62. Accelerator linkage of a petrol engine using carburettor is connected to :
choke value

air cleaner

throttle valve

63. Which of the following two wheeler using DTSi engine?
Honda eterno

Bajaj pulsar-180

TVS .Star City ES

TVS Star Sport
64. The condensor used in battery coil ignition circuit is connected :
parallel to CB point

Series to CB point

either series or parallel to CB point

None of the above
65. Which of the following is not an advantage of two strock engine compared to four strock engine of same size?
lighter in weight

higher volumetric efficiency

more power is produced

None of the above
66. Which of the following material can be used for making contacts points on the rotor of distri-butor?



67. Which of the following is not a cause for mileage of two wheeler?
Under inflated tyres

choke valve remains open during driving

speedy driving beyond economic speed

None of the above
68. The degree of variation of viscocity of a liquid with temperature is termed as:
Kinematic viscosity

Absolute viscosity

Viscosity index

All of the above
69. Which type of fuel supply system is commonly used in motor cycle?
Gravity system

Pressure system

Vacuum system

Pump system
70. The CB point gap is in the range of:
0.35 mm to 0.45 mm

0.35 cm to 0.45 cm

0.30 cm to 0.40 cm

1 mm to 1.35 mm
71. The component of battery coil ignition system which helps to avoid spark between CB point is:
Ballast resistor



Spark plug
72. Which of the following is not a cause for the vehicle will not take speed according to pressing of accelerator pedal?
Clutch slipping

Brake binding

Excessively worn out clutch plate

None of the above
73. One horse power is equal to:
700 Watt

635.5 Watt

716.5 Watt

735.5 Watt
74. Bronze is an alloy of:
Copper and Zinc

Copper and Lead

Copper and Tin

Copper,Zinc and Tin
75. What is the advantage of using radiator pressure cap:
Increase the boiling point of water

Reduce coolent lose

Maintain the system at a pressure higher than atmosphere

All of the above
76. Which among the following is an example of positive clutch?
Diaphragm clutch

Multiplate clutch

Single plate pressure spring clutch

none of the above
77. If the speed of a vehicle is doubled the air resistance is
Increased by four times

Decreased by four times

Increased by two times

Decreased by two times
78. The component of pressure spring type single plate clutch system which disengage from fly wheel when presscing clutch pedal is:
Pressure plate

clutch cover

clutch disc

release bearing
79. The cross section of brake shoe is of :



80. The power utilised to propel the vehicle is known as:



81. Who formulate the fiscal policy in India?
Planning commission

Finance Commission

the Reserve Bank of India

Ministry of finance
82. Which National Park harbours the largest number of one-horned Rhinos?
Periyar National Park

Kanha National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Corbett Natinal Park
83. Which monument was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay?
India Gate

Gateway of India

Victoria Terminus

Elephanta Caves
84. Whose death anniversary was observed as Anti-Terrorism Day on 21st May?
Jawaharlal Nehru

Rajiv Gandhi

Indira Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
85. The state having a largest area of forest cover in India is:
Arunachal Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh

86. Who fixes the poverty line in India?

Lok Sabha

Rajya Sabha

Planning commission
87. Who discovered the Edakkal caves in Wynad in 1890?
Fred fawcett

Alexander Cunningham

KN Dikshit

John Marshall
88. Who is known as the 'Grand Old Man of India'?
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Dadabhai Naoroji

Lala Lajpat Rai

89. When the partition of Bengal was annulled?



90. Who was the first Viceroy of India?
Lord Wellesly

Lord Canning

Lord Minto

Lord Dufferin
91. In 1959, who was given the title 'Bharata Kesari' by the Indian President:

Thycad Ayya

Mannathu Padmanaban

Sahodaran Ayyappan
92. Swadesabhimani' News paper was started by:
Ramakrishna Pillai

Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi


Sree Narayan Guru
93. Who was the leader of 'Ezhava Memorial'?
Sree Narayana Guru

Dr. Palpu

Sahodaran Ayyappan

94. Who set up the Sanskrit study center "Thatwaprakashika" in 1906 at Kozhikode?

VT bhattathirippad

Sahodaran Ayyappan

95. Who said 'There is no used for Caste. It curtails man's freedom; destroys his intelligence'?
Sree Narayana guru

Mahatma Gandhi

Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

96. Which Indian won Nobel Prize for Peace for his work on promoting child rights?
Mother Teressa

Amarthiya Sen

C.V. Raman

Kailash Satyarthi
97. The 41st G7 summit was held at:



98. The Bollywood actor who was honoured with the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award in 2015.
Amitabh Bachan

Shah Rukh Khan

Amir Khan

Salman Khan
99. Who won 2015 UEFA Champions League Title?


Manchester United

Celtic Answer
100. The Chief Election Commissioner of India:
Hari Shankar Brahma

Nasim Zaidi

VS Sampath

SY Quraishi