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1. What is the unit of Magneto Motive Force?
2. Whenever the magnetic flux linking with a conductor changes,an e.m.f is induced in that conductor.The above statement is due to:
Weber and Ewing’s law
Faraday’s law or electrolysis
Coloumb’s law
Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction
3. According to Steinmentz Hystersis law,the hysteresis lose in a material is proportional to:
4. Which of the following is not a diamagnetic material?
5. Which series MCBs are designed to protect circuits with inductive loads?
L series MCB
G series MCB
AC series MCB
DC series MCB
6. Out of the four metal/alloys given below,one has almost no change in resistance for change in temperature:
7. As per the recommendation of BIS and NEC,the minimum clearance between the ceiling and the plane of the blades of the ceiling fan shall not be less than:
300 mm
1300 mm
2400 mm
200 mm
8. To control one lamp from three places we use:
3 one way switches
2 two way switches and 1 one way switch
3 two way switches
2 two way switches and 1 intermediate switch
9. In simple voltaic cell,zinc plate is amalgamating with mercury to prevent:
Local action
10. In a parallel plate capacitor,if a dielectric slab is introduced,the p.d. between plates will:
Ramains the same
Becomes zero
11. Number of light points admissible in one circuit are:
4 points of 400 w each
8 points of 200 w each
12 points of 60 w each
8 points of 100 w each
12. Bayonet Cap lamp holders cannot be used for lamps having wattage rating more than:
60 w
100 w
200 w
1000 w
13. Other than Nichrome,which of the following materials are used as heating element?
14. One Calory is equal to:
4187 joules
41.87 joules
418.7 joules
4.187 joules
15. A 1 KW,230 V kettle is connected to 15 A plug socket using a power cord rated to carry 15 amperes.What should be the fuse rating of this appliance circuit?
6 amps
4 amps
10 amps
15 amps
16. A heater with short-circuited heating element is tested with a series test lamp,the test lamp will:
Glow brightly
Glow dim
Glow normally
Not glow
17. The unit of luminous intensity is:
18. The purpose of a resistor connected in series with the heating element of an automatic electric iron is to:
Control the current through the heating element
Apply low voltage to pilot lamp
Give safety for the thermostat
Control the heat
19. In batten wiring,the distance between link clips in vertical runs shall not exceed:
5 cm
10 cm
12 cm
15 cm
20. The process by which an emf induced in a DC generator is known as__________method
Mutual induction
Self induction
21. Testing a wiring installation for insulation resistance is to ensure that:
All conductors have high ohmic value in the circuit
All outlet point are earthed properly to ground
Leakage current beyond the stipulated values does not flow to earth
Live and neutral conductors in the installation are continuous
22. In this wiring,to operate 3 lamps in all we require 6 two way switches:
Corridor wiring
Godown wiring
Tunnel wiring
Hostel wiring
23. Fleming’s Right hand rule is used to identify the:
Direction of current in a motor
Direction of rotation in a generator
Direction of rotation in a motor
Direction of induced emf
24. To get sinusoidal wave shape of an alternating current:
Coil should rotate under uniform field
Coil should rotate under more number of poles
Tow slip rings must be used
Armature should have more number of coils
25. In a DC machine,the conductors of the armature windings are soldered to commutator at the:
Segment internally
Segments directly
26. The inter poles are connected in a dc generator
In series with armature and of same polarity ahead of approaching pole
In series with armature and of opposite polarity ahead or approaching pole
In parallel with armature and of same polarity ahead of approaching pole
In parallel with armature and of opposite polarity ahead of approaching pole
27. If different quantities of water are heated for the same time by the same capacity heaters,then the temperature developed at the :
Larger quantity of water will have a higher temperature than the smaller quantity of water
Smaller quantity of water will have a higher temperature than the larger quantity of water
Larger quantity of water will have the same temperature than the smaller quantity of water
None of the above
28. The meter used to measure the temperature of furnace is:
29. Resistors of 5 ohms,5 kilo ohms,50 kilo ohms,5 mega ohms are connected in parallel.Their equivalent resistance will be very near to:
4.5 ohms
4.5 kilo ohms
45 kilo ohms
4.5 mega ohms
30. A substance that has low retentivity can be used for the manufacture of:
Permanent magnets
Bar magnets
31. When the fluorescent lamp is switched ON there is some vibrating sound from the choke.This is due to loose:
Connection in the choke
Winding turns
Screws in the cover
32. How big is the peak amplitude of a sine-wave with an effective value of 220 volts?
440 V
400 V
380 V
311 V
33. Which type of formula may be used for any type of circuit?
34. In a capacitive AC circuit the:
Current lags voltage
Voltage leads current
Voltage lags current
Voltage is in phase with current
35. In a RL parallel circuit,the opposition to total current is called:
A vector sum
36. A 4 pole simplex lap-wound armature having 48 slots,each slot has 4 conductors and each conductor is having resistance of 0.1 ohm.What will be the total armature resistance?
1.2 ohms
1.92 ohms
4.8 ohms
37. Speed of DC shunt motor has to be controlled through the field.Which starter is most suitable in this case?
4 point starter
3 point starter
2 point starter
DOL starter
38. A very low value of insulation resisatnce indicates:
Good operating condition
Fair operating condition
An immediate investigation
That the measuring instrument is wrong
39. The magnetic field produced in the stator of a 3 phase induction motor travel at:
Rotating speed
Asynchronous speed
Synchronous speed
Slip speed
40. The motor which requires least maintenance is:
Squirrel cage induction motor
Slip ring induction motor
DC series motor
DC shunt motor
41. When testing the shunt winding of a DC machine for continuity with test lamp of high wattage,the prods when touched on shunt field terminals give spark.What is the reason?
Shunt field winding is grounded
Shunt field winding is open circuited
Shunt field winding has low resistance
Shunt field winding has high resistance
42. The main function of NVC generally used with a motor starter is to:
Open the main contacts of the starter on failure or reduction of input voltage and automatically reclose it on return of normal voltage
Open the main contacts of the starter on failure or reduction of input voltage and keep it open until manually closed
Control motor voltage and keep it at the rated value
Prevent the main contact of the starter from opening when flunctuations occur in the power system
43. Eyre No.7 is:
Copper soldering flux
Aluminium solder
Copper solder
Aluminium soldering flux
44. In a DOL starter,a NVC is connected across a phase and neutral of a three phase,415 V,50Hz supply and works normally.Then the rating of the NVC ought to be:
415 V,50 Hz AC
400 V,50 Hz AC
240 V,50 Hz AC
200 V,50 Hz AC
45. The starting current of a 220 V,10 HP shunt motor having armature:resistance of 0.2 ohms without starter is:
46. In a DC generator,if the field circuit resistance is more than field critical resistance,then the
Field coils will burn
Generator will build of max,voltage
Generator will generate up max power
Generator will not build up voltage
47. Metric Horse Power is equal to:
746 W
736 W
756 W
1000 W
48. When remote ON and OFF are used,the remote ON button should be connected with the existing ON button:
In series
In parallel
In series and parallel
Bridge circuit formation
49. While running,the rotor frequency in a 3 phase induction motor is equal to:
Starter frequency
Starter frequency/slip
Starter frequency*slip
Starter frequency+slip
50. When a single phase supply is connected across single phase winding of motor,the nature of magnetic field produced is:
Constant in magnitude and direct ion
Alternating in nature
Constant in magnitude but rotating at synchronous speed
Pulsating in nature
51. When remote push buttons are used START push buttons are wired in_________and STOP push buttons are wired in___________in a starter control circuit.
52. In a manual star-delta starter the stop button connection is in series with the:
No volt coil
No volt coil and overload relay contacts
Overload relay contacts
No volt coil and start button
53. After repeated melting of solder,to compensate the loss,it is necessary to add—to the solder
54. While measuring unknown voltage with a multimeter,it is recommended to select the ___________ range available.
Most lowest
55. The shunt type ohm meter will have zero reading at the:
Centre of the scale
Right hand end of the scale
Left hand end of the scale
Anywhere according to manufacturer
56. A panel type voltmeter with a pen moving on a graph comes under the category of:
Absolute instrument-indicating type
Secondary instrument-indicating type
Secondary instrument-integrating type
Secondary instrument-recording type
57. PMMC ammeter have uniform scale because:kjfmhhg
Of eddy current damping
They are spring controlled
The deflecting torque varies directly as the current
Both A and C
58. The control force employed in an indicating instrument which can be kept in any position is:
Gravity control
Spring control
Fluid friction control
Hydraulic friction control
59. Most of the accidents happened while chipping due to:
Loose hammer handle
Mushroom head chisel
Failure to use chip guard
Any one of the above
60. A tong tester in an instrument having a:
Current transformer
Potential transformer
Current transformer with an ammeter
Potential transformer with a voltmeter
61. A coolant is used for cooling the:
Job only
Cutting tool
Hot chips
62. As compared to an amplifier,a transformer cannot:
Increase the output power
Increase the output voltage
Increase the output current
Perform none of these
63. Crackle test on transformer oils is conducted to find out the presence of:
64. Diversity factor is the ratio between minimum actual load and:
Combined load
Expected load
Maximum load
None of the above
65. A thermistor is a device whose resistance:
Reduce as temperature increases
Increases as temperature increases
Produce as temperature reduces
Remain constant at all temperatures
66. The shape and colour of mandatory sign is:
Circular shape-black symbol on yellow background
Circular shape-white symbol on blue background
Square shape-green symbol on white background
Triangular shape-black symbol on blue background
67. Open circuit test should be conducted before the __________to make sure that the complete circuit included in the test
Insulation test
Ground test
68. Which tool is not used for making pilot holes on wooden/metal article?
Center punch
Rawal plug tool
69. Which effect of electric current is used in electric motors?
Chemical effect
Magnetic effect
Heating effect
Shock effect
70. The method of fire extinguishing by isolating the fire from the supply of oxygen by blanketing it is known as:
71. What does S.W.G.Stands for?
Standard Western Gauge
Swiss Wire Gauge
Swiss Western Gauge
Standard Wire Gauge
72. Combination pliers are not used for:
73. Armouring is provided in the cables to safeguard against:
Moisture entry
White ant
Bursting of failure
Mechanical injury
74. The floats used in the Buchholz relay is operated by:
Mercury switches
Iron clad switches
Centrifugal switches
Flush mounting switches
75. A source of e.m.f is required in order to:
Prevent the escape of electrons
Insulate the electrons from the unbalanced atoms
Get the electrons into motion
Change the property of conductance into resistance
76. Three resistors are connected in series across a 27 V supply.The second resistor has twice the resistance of the first,the resistor has three times the resistance of the second.The voltage across the
77. According to Fleming’s L.H.R.the angle between the thumb,middle finger and forefinger must be:
180degree between any two
Right angle between any two
All must be 45degree apart
Mutually at right angle each other
78. The standard supply frequency in India is:
60 c/s
50 c/s
55 Hz
45 c/s
79. Luminous efficiency of a fluorescent Tube is:
30 lumen/watt
40 lumen/watt
60 lumen/watt
80 lumen/watt
80. If two capacitors having capacitance C,and C,are connected in series,then the total capacitance(CT)of the circuit is:
81. Creation of Micro Units Development Refinance Agency(MUDRA)Bank was announced with the corpus or:
10000 Crores
20000 Crores
1000 Crores
500 Crores
82. Where was the 12th South Asian Games held?
Guwahati and Shillong
New Delhi
83. National Girl Child Day was observed on:
February 10
February 20
January 24
January 20
84. Which city has been declared the cleanest city in India,as per the Swachh Bharat Ranking?
85. Which State is declared as the first digital state in India?
86. The largest producer of saffron in India:
Jammu and Kashmir
Uttar Pradesh
87. Aishwarya Oil field is located in which state of India?
88. Which one of the state is not covered by western Ghats?
89. By eradicating poverty who wished to 'wipeout every tear from every eye'
Mahathma Gandhi
Jawaharlal Nehru
Indira Gandhi
Rabindranath Tagore
90. Which country is separated from British India by Durand Line?
91. Who is known as the ‘Father or Indian unrest’?
Bala Gangadhar Tilak
Bipin Chandra Pal
Lala Lajapat Rai
Aurobindo Ghosh
92. The Jallian wala Bagh Massacre took place during the viceroyalty of:
Lord Ripon
Lord Canning
Lord Canning
Lord Chelmsford
93. The National Highway No.8 connects:
Varanasi and Kanyakumari
Delhi and Mumbai
Mumbai and Kolkata
Kolkata and Chennai
94. Which among the following ancient ports of Kerala have identified with modern cranganore?
95. Which of the following river originates in Silent Valley?
Pamba river
Periyar river
Kunthi river
Chaliyar river
96. 'Kunhikannan'was the original name of one of the social reformers of Kerala:
Kumara Guru
Thycaud Ayya
97. Who became the editor of ‘Yuktivadi’Magazine in 1928?
Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara
Sahodaran Ayyappan
98. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
Kainakary-Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara
Chempazhanthy-Sree Narayana Guru
Venganoor-Chattampi Swamikal
99. Indicate the wrong pair among the following:
Kalyana Dayani Sabha-Vaikunda Swamikal
Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangam-Ayyankali
Anand Maha Sabha-Brahmananda Sivayogi
Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha –Poikayil Yohannan
100. The book’Christumatha Nirupanam’is written by:
Brahmananda Sivayogi
Swami Agamanda
Chattampi Swamikal