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Junior Instructor-Wireman(Industrial Training)-2016


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1. The value of one mega ohm is:
2. Which of the following equation is correct according to Ohm’s law?
3. Which meter is used to measure the power?
Power factor meter
Watt meter
4. In a parallel circuit the total resistance is:
The sum of individual resistances
Equal to highest resistance value
More than the smallest resistance
Less than the smallest resistance of the combination
5. If the area of cross section of a wire with a given length is doubled it’s resistance will:
Be doubled
Be halved
Remain same
Be four times more
6. Head developed in a conductor is proportional to the:
Square of the power
Square of the time
Square of the current
Square of the resistance
7. Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient of resistance?
8. A substance that has low retentivity cannot be used for the manufacturer of:
Electro magnet
Permanent magnet
Temporary magnet
9. The initial function of a choke in a tube light circuit is to:
Limit the starting current
Heat up the filament
Induce high voltage
Keep the voltage same
10. Which one of the following is unit of inductance?
11. The formulae for calculating power in R.L.Circuit is:
VI Cos(Theta)
VI Sin(Theta)
12. If the frequency changes from 50Hz to 100Hz keeping voltage constant,the inductive reactance of the coil connected to supply:
Remains same
Become doubled
Become half
Become four times
13. In a capacitive AC circuit the:
Current leads the voltage
Voltage leads current
Current and voltage in phase
Current lags voltage
14. The power factor of an AC circuit is given by:
Cosine of the phase angle
Tangent of the phase angle
The ratio of R/X
The ratio of XL/Z
15. The capacity of a cell is measured in:
16. In a 3 phase star connected balanced load,the current in the neutral wire is:
21 ph
31 L
17. In a 3 phase Delta connected circuit:
The line voltage is equal to phase voltage
The line voltage is equal to Square root of 3 phase voltage
The line voltage is equal to Phase voltage/Square root of 3
The line voltage is equal to zero
18. The meter installed at your house to measure electrical energy is an example of:
Indicating type instrument
Recording type instrument
Indicating as well as recording type instrument
Integrating type instrument
19. Dynamo meter type instruments are used to measure:
Only AC quantities
Both AC and DC
DC only
AC only
20. The unit of commercial electrical energy is measured in:
Volt ampere
21. When the disc of an energy meter is rotating even without connecting any load,the error is called?
Creeping error
Phase error
Friction error
Temperature error
22. An electrical circuit that has infinity resistance shown in megger is called a __________
An open
A ground
23. For pipe earthing the minimum internal diameter of galvanized iron or steel pipe required is:
12.5 mm
16 mm
18 mm
38 mm
24. The heat proof insulating material used for heater base is:
Glass wool
25. The thermostat in an automatic electric iron will:
Reduce the current to control temperature
Change the current flow through element
Regulate the heat by switching ON-OFF
Switch ON and OFF the indicating lamp
26. What type of motor is used in a food mixer?
DC shunt motor
Universal motor
Capacitor start motor
Permanent capacitor
27. If the voltage applied at the terminals of 230V single phase 1200 mm sweep ceiling fan is 120 V then the fan:
Will not run
Will run at normal speed
Will be heated
Will run slowly
28. The sweep of the ceiling fan is determined by:
Length of the blade from fan centre
The diameter of the circle formed by the blade tips of the fan
Breadth of the blades
The distance between adjacent blade tips
29. The unit of luminous intensity is:
30. The potential difference that causes the break down of insulation is called:
Dielectric strength
Insulation resistance
Break down voltage
31. The possible minimum reading which can be taken by 0.25 mm out side micrometer is:
0.1 mm
0.5 mm
1 mm
0.01 mm
32. Britannia joint is used in:
Under ground cables
Conduct wiring
Concealed wiring
OH Lines
33. Soldering is done on joints to improve:
Tensile strength
34. Switch board is fixed at a height of:
2 meters
1.5 meters
2.5 meters
2.75 meters
35. The load on each power sub circuit shall be restricted to:
5000 W
500 W
3000 W
1000 W
36. The number of light points admissible in a circuit is:
10 points
15 points
4 points
20 points
37. A fuse rating is expressed in terms of:
38. Fusing factor of HRC fuses will be:
39. In which of the following wiring,to operate three lamps in all we require six,two way switches?
Godown wiring
Tunnel wiring
Corridor wiring
Hostel wiring
40. Fleming’s right hand rule is used to identify the:
Direction of flux
Direction of induced e.m.f
Direction of current in a motor
Magnetic flux
41. The armature core is laminated to minimize the:
Iron loss
Eddy current loss
Hysteresis loss
Friction loss
42. A DC generator works on the principle of:
Farady’s law of electro magnetic induction
Faraday’s laws of electrolysis
Mutual induction
Fleming’s left hand rule
43. In an 8 pole simplex wave winding armature,the number of parallel paths are:
44. In a 250 V.D.C Machine,shunt field resistance is found to be 500 ohms.The shunt field current will be:
0.2 A
5 A
0.5 A
45. The current in the armature of a D.C.Shunt generator can be determined by the formulae:
IL+I sh
IL-I sh
46. Which one of the following generator is used for charging batteries with constant voltage?
Compound generator
Series generator
Shunt generator
47. The direction frotation of a DC motor is determined by:
Fleming’s right hand rule
Fleming’s left hand rule
Right hand grip rule
Maxwell’s cork screw rule
48. The back e.m.f of a D. C Motor depends on:
Shape of conductors
Field flux
Type of commutator
Brush material
49. The main function of starter of the DC Motor is to:
Limit the starting current
Limit the back e.m.f
Increase the field circuit resistance
Decrease armature resistance
50. The speed of DC shunt motor has to be controlled through the field,the most suitable starter for this purpose is:
D.O.L Starter
2 Point starter
3 point starter
4 point starter
51. The speed of a DC motor is:
Directly proportional to the back e.m.f and inversely proportional to the flux
Inversely proportional to back e.m.f.and directly proportional to flux
Directly proportional to the e.m.f as well as the flux
Directly proportional to current
52. Insulation resistance is measured in:
Mega Watts
Kilo ohms
Mega ohms
Kilo volts
53. The running speed of a 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor is:
Synchronous speed
More than synchronous
Double synchronous speed
Less than synchronous speed
54. For 3 HP,3 phase 415 V,50 Hz squirrel cage induction motor started through a D.O.L starter,the back up fuse rating will be:
15 Amps
10 Amps
6 Amps
4 Amps
55. When remote 'ON'and 'OFF' are used in a D.O.L starter,the remote 'ON'button should be connected with the existing 'ON'button in:
Series and parallel
Bridge circuit
56. When a 3 phase induction motor is switched to star position through a star delta starter:
Square root of 3 times the torque produced than the delta position
3 times torque produced than the delta position
1/Square root of 3 times the torque produced than the delta position
1/3 times torque produced than the delta position
57. In a manual star delta starter,the stop button connection is in series with the:
No volt coil
Over load relay contact
No volt coil and overload relay contacts
No volt coil and start button
58. A High starting torque is obtained in a slip ring induction motor by using a:
Rotor rheostat starter
Star delta starter
4 point starter
D.O.L Starter
59. We can identify a wound rotor induction motor by seeing:
Direction of rotation
Slip rings
Six terminals
Size of machine
60. A poly phase induction motor is usually:
Self starting
Slow starting
Not self starting
High starting
61. For ceiling fan generally which type of motor is used?
Split phase
Permanent capacitor
Universal motor
62. The maximum efficiency of transformer is obtained when:
Copper loss is maximum
Copper loss is equal to iron loss
Iron loss is maximum
Running without loss
63. Buchhol’s relay is a device related with:
Synchronous motor
Auto transformer
64. Auto transformer works on the principle of:
Mutual induction
Self induction
Electron fusion
65. Which one of the following,is the e.m.f equation of transformer?
E=4.44(phi)mfN Volts
66. The main source of hydro electric power station is:
67. Which insulator is used on dead ends of medium voltage line?
Egg Type
Pin Type
Shackle type
Disc type
68. Which type of guarding is provided on a railway line crossing?
Cage type
Cradle type
Bird type
Bead type
69. In a transmission line which type of insulators are used:
Pin type
Shackle type
Egg type
Suspension type
70. MCCB stands for:
Metal Close Circuit Breaker
Main Current circuit Breaker
Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
Miniature Circuit Breaker
71. For a given line current and line voltage the power taken by the delta connected load is______the power taken by the star connectd load
More than
Less than
Equal to
No comparison to
72. The series type Ohm meter will have zero reading at the:
Centre of the scale
Left hand end of scale
Anywhere in meter
Right hand end of scale
73. To charge a secondary cell,the system used is:
Low Voltage AC
High Voltage AC
74. The approximate full load current of a 3 phase delta connected 3 HP motor is:
4.5 Amps
3.5 Amps
2.5 Amps
10 Amps
75. The total opposition offered by an C circuit is called:
Inductive reactance
Capacitive reactance
76. Which one of the following fire extinguish is suitable for electrical fire?
Liquefied chemical
77. The least count of steel rule is:
1 mm
0.5 mm
1 cm
0.1 mm
78. Rawl plug tool and bit is used for:
Making holes in wood
Making piolet holes in wood
Making holes in metal sheets
Making holes in bricks and concrete wall
79. In an atom the number of proton is:
Equal to the number of electrons
Equal to the neutron
Equal to the nucleus
Equal to zero
80. The flow of electrons is called:
81. One of the prominent families among the Church Mission Society missionaries in Central Travancore was:
Henry Baker family
Mead family
Ringletaube family
Dawson family
82. Name the Titles received by K.P.Karuppan,famous social reformer and poet of Kerala,from Valiya Tampuran of Cochin?
Kavirajan and Sahi tyasreshtan
Mahakavi and Sahi tyadeepam
Kavitilakan and Sahit yanipunan
Kavanakaumudi and Mahopadhyaya
83. One of the early detective novels in Kerala titles "Kaalante Kolayara"was written by:
Appan Thamapuran
Kesari Balakrishna Pillai
Joseph Pitt
84. Who was the first editor of "Samadarsi"?
K.Ramakrishna Pillai
Kandathil Varghese Mappila
Kunnath Janardhana Menon
A.Balakrishna Pillai
85. "Ente Vazhithirivu"is the autobiography of:
Kesava Dev
G.Sankara Kurup
Ponkunnam Varkey
86. "Vaala samudaya parishkarana sabha" was formed in the year:
87. Who among the following women activists of Kerala took part in the general strike,led by Tiruvitamkur Coir Factory Workers Union(TCFWU)at Alappuzha in 1938?
Parvathi Nenminim angalam
Arya Pallam
Lalitha Prabhu
Anna Chandy
88. What event occurred in 20th August 1921 that became the prime catalyst of Malabar Rebellion?
Arresty of V.Mammed,a local Khilafat worker,by the British police
The siege of Tirurangadi Mosque by the British army and police
The visit of Mahatma Gandhiji and Shoukath Ali to Malabar
Ottappalam Political Conference
89. Name the magazine that founded and edited by Anna Chandi for promoting the cause of women's rights?
90. Who authored the book "Vaikom Satyagraha and Gandhiji"?
91. The Sutlej-Yamuna Link Canal(Syi)controversy is associated with the states between:
Delhi and Uttar Pradesh
Punjab and Haryana
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand
92. Sadiq Khan,who had been a historic Win while he elected as London’s first ethnic-minority Mayor in the 2016 elections,represents which Political Party?
Labour Party
Liberal Party
Conservative party
Republican Party
93. Kuramadera Buddhist Temple is located in:
94. What is Catoptrophobia?
Fear of Accidents
Fear of Electricity
Fear of Cattles
Fear of Mirrors
95. Expand VVPAT
Voter Verifiable Paper Account Trail
Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail
Voter Verifiable Print Account Trail
Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Test
96. The Constituent Assembly of India began its Third Session on:
9th December 1946
11th December 1946
28th April 1947
26th May 1947
97. Which Article of Indian Constitution mentions about the State responsibility to promote educational and economic interests of the tribal people?
Article 17
Article 46
Article 15(2)
Article 31(B)
98. Which social reformer of Kerala started an Agricultural Bank namely “Uralunkal Aikyananya Sangham”?
Sree Narayana Guru
Brahmananda Sivayogi
Sahodaran Ayyappan
99. In which year the ‘second ezhava memorial’was presented by the leaders of Ezzhava community before Lord Curzon,then the Viceroy of India,during his visit to Thiruvanathapuram?
100. The active participation of which struggle in modern Kerala History gave G.Parameswarn Pillai the epithet of “Gather of Political movements in modern Travancore?”
Struggle against untouchability
Electricity agitation
Nivarthana agitation
Struggle against appointing non-travanc oreans to State services