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Brihadesh, Thottipalam: : 2016-04-12

How many nair candidates....

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-04-11

Hi I kesu ; FSO mainlist I\'ll ezhava reservation I\'ll arumilaee? Ellavarum general ano?

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-04-12  (New)

i think lots r there.only a few visit this cannot get an idea of number
of candidates

Fsoknr, Kannur: : 2016-04-11

Any muslim candidates here who is n fso main list ???

Fsoknr, Kannur: : 2016-04-11

Hw many muslim candidates here who r n fso main list ???

kesufso, trivandrum: : 2016-04-11

category ezhava in main list plse reply

kashi, kochi: : 2016-04-11

anybodys fso document verification over? What all documents needed and whats the process?

harizz, ernakulam: : 2016-04-10

Jnr health inspector exam in municipal common service short list ennu varum. Any idea frndzzz.wat will be cuttoff mark???

Mine007, Ekm: : 2016-04-08

Secretariate assistant listil(new) etra vare jolykku hope undu . What is the probability for 562

shila, ernakulam : 2016-04-17  (New)

no hope try next time

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-04-07

Hi I FSO I\'m in mainlist. Degree from calicut uty. OBC ezhava reservation I\'ll etraperundavum in mainlist. Reservation 13% in ezhava in psc

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-04-08  (New)

am also ezhava in main list.ezhavas in main list plse respond

remyas, kottayam: : 2016-04-07

Hi fso friends, pls reply if any viswakarma in mainlist

Sa, Varkala: : 2016-04-07

When will come the ranked list of veo thiruvananthapuram?



kashi, kochi: : 2016-04-07

hi guys@ Anywhere in notification has it been mentioned that psc wil conduct interview for fso (food safety officer) after being shortlisted? Is it only doc verification next? or interview will follow later? The doc verification dates have come n strts from next week.

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-04-06

Hii FSO students FSO notification saying degree from university in Kerala

remyas, kottayam: : 2016-04-06

Hi FSO aspirants, Please message if any viswakarma in main list

neundo, wayanad : 2016-04-17  (New)

Yes in main list.. you also in main list?

priya1, kottayam: : 2016-04-06

fso interview undo. verification message vannu thudagi

Neethukottayam, Kottayam : 2016-04-06  (New)

Anyone here who has appeared for psc interview. Pls share ur views

remyas, kottayam : 2016-04-06

Interview date has been postponed to May as per manorama news paper yesterday

priya1, kottayam: : 2016-04-06

fso. how many latin catholics in main list

blacky08, trivandrum : 2016-04-12  (New)

From my college me and another one is included. How much mark you scored as per new key

Emee, Kochi : 2016-04-06

I am lc in main list. How many others in der?

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-04-06

Hi I fso students .shortlist list includes 1370. Ithil certificate verification important. Because inKerala Psc ; certificate mainly prefered from university from Kerala. But avge students studying from thamilnad. In this very few university preferred under Kerala half list out from list.then interview. Ithinte mark totally changed into rank list. Vacancy maximum ethraya?

gowrirj, alappuzha : 2016-04-12  (New)

those who got their degree from a recognised university outside kerala must produce eligility certificate from any of the universities from kerala for verification along with original certificate and all the marklists... i got eligibility certificate from kerala university and its fees is 350 + 20 for application fee.. if u give the application directly to university u will get the certificate by evening...

Emee, Kochi : 2016-04-06

How cud they reject people telng to be from Tamil nadu uty?

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam: : 2016-04-06

Entha FSO kar ellaperum result vanna shesham inganae?

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-04-11  (New)

have u any idea about fso interview

Karthi977, Trivandrum: : 2016-04-05

Kindly reply
Bdo result ennu varum. Any idea
Cut off?

surajs, tvm : 2016-04-05  (New)

cut off will be above 70. Result date no idea.
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