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bijushaprasanth, tvm: : 2016-09-17

Computer assistant and LD typist tvm rank list ennuvarum? plz reply

Aaghosh, Kozhikode : 2016-09-19  (New)

Ld ee week calendar annu
...Baki jillakal vannallo

manesh, kannur: : 2016-09-17

Niyamana nirodhanathinte ethenkilum govt circular erakiyittundo...

manesh, kannur: : 2016-09-17

Next veo notification eppo varum...?

madhav21, tvm: : 2016-09-17

FSO vacancy related any update?

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-17

Can anyone tell how many candidates will be advised by PSC from the FOOD SAFETY LIST in October? Last year there were 80 vacancies. Has it been increased or decreased due to health inspectors back door policy?

Maria bose, kozhikode : 2016-09-18  (New)

Myself once went to PSC ofc and they gave me a list to check which says that reported vacancy till May 2016 is 98

sajith303, trivandrum: : 2016-09-16

Anybody have idea regarding water authority AE post. I\'m in Main list. total 496 candidates in Main list. cut off mark is 20.33, my mark 23.4 . Any body can predict my Rank position??. since I\'m in OBC Ezhava ... Chance of Job is there?.. please do reply

samkallada, kollam: : 2016-09-16

is there any chance for rank 76(E/T) in fso

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-16

Food safety rank list may change. There are 7 candidates whose result is withheld. When thet too get included in the list there may be change in rank list. See the final section of rank list where their serial numbers are given. What happened to them?

AGC, EKM : 2016-09-16  (New)

It may be due to equivalency issue.

AGC, EKM: : 2016-09-15

Do anyone know the following information. Please help if you are sure.
1). What is the current pay scale for FOOD SAFETY OFFICER. As of Spetember 2016. (It is given in notification as 14620-25280, but i think it is revised to 29200-59400). Anyone whose parents are in State govt job could help.

2). What is the current DA percentage in state govt and will be the take home pay of FSO currently (roughly)

3). What is the procedure after getting advice memo?

Thanks in advance.

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-16  (New)

Fssai is not a ministry.. Its a state govtjob only..if it has to be central govt ..fssai of central govt hasto conduct..for eg..nw fssai has called for fud analyst exam..thats a cenrral govt job..not this fso one called by kpsc...

N food safety departmnt comes under ministry of health n family welfare..starting gross salary wil b 34 k for fso here..

There is some back door games of promoting junr health inspctrs to fso post..we haveto do something against it..rti or court case or bring it into media highlight...

AGC, EKM : 2016-09-16

Thanks Maria. Do you know if FSO is purely a State govt job? I mean, in the pay scale, FSO is placed under state govt bracket, but under which ministry. I think it is under FSSAI and each state govt has the power to fix the scale by their discretion. In Northern state, FSO\'s are given the central govt pay scale (PB-2).

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-14

Attention all FSO!!!
Within 3 years 140 vacancies will arise across Kerala. at present 80 vacancies are reported. We have to be very much cautious that Junior health inspectors will be promoted whose basic qualification is just SSLC and Diploma. Even if they have science graduation how can they be promoted as FSO\'s? If then, they should have competed for this exam and opt for Promotion by transfer (10%). But now about 36 have been promoted which means chance of 36 candidates efforts are in vain. We should take this as a matter of concern. If they are within the PSC rules then it is OK. But, if it is not all the rank holders should fight for justice. Let us start rank holders association and share our views and suggestions.
Good Luck!

kuttayi, sasthamnada: : 2016-09-13

Company board assistant ippolenkanam vilikkumo

jithinparayil, calicut: : 2016-09-13

FSO rank list is ready. but i dont have any idea about when it will be published in KPSC site

Faisal, Kannur: : 2016-09-13

An rti shud be filed to check d qualification of. 36 jr health inspectors promoted as food safety officers. As basic quaification is sslc + 6 month diploma course. They cannot attain qualification thru distance education in science subject...there was alrdy a rumour that vacancies r not reported to psc to help jr health inspectors

Food to be safe, Kottayam: : 2016-09-13

Food safety officer
I heard only 80 vacancies reported to PSC, General category upto 65th rank will get advice this month itself. Vacancies may arise soon. May be we need to wait yill next advice which may shortly released. After Onam only we will get any more information.
There were news that out of 140 FSO, only 40 are available and 100 seats are vacant. I dont know whether 100 vacancoies will be reported at a stretch.
Friends, where is the training for FSO\'s conducted? Is it in Trivandrum, Ernaklm, Kozhikde or outside Kerala?

Happy Onam!!!!

kuttayi, sasthamnada: : 2016-09-12

University asst rank 1870(Gen)
Job kittan sadyatha undo

kurianuthup, kottayam: : 2016-09-12

Fso list

Shabari, Kozhikode: : 2016-09-11

Pwd / irrigatin second and third grade overseer ranked list vararayo

kurianuthup, kottayam: : 2016-09-10

up to which rank have the chance to get advise in FSO general category ?

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur: : 2016-09-10

Hello All... Congratulations for all the Toppers of FSO...

Food safety Result, Trivandrum: : 2016-09-10

Hi friends, Food safety officer results Out!!!!
First allotment maximum 100 candidates.
Let\'s start Rank holders association? If then please inform via Thozhil Vartha soon!!!

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