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SanjuFSO, Kollam: : 2016-07-06

Dear fso friends,
Don\'t get panic. As far as I know about the gazette notification for FSO, the qualification mentioned is \'any degree\' in the concerned subjects. A degree can be graduate degree or post graduate degree. So there will not be any problem whether the candidate has a graduate or a post graduate degree. A higher qualification obtained in a subject will not make the candidate ineligible. If that is so, there will not be any appropriate candidates for any posts any where (already appointed and going to be appointed) including the administrative sector.

Sivaram FSO, Kottayam : 2016-07-08  (New)

Hello Sanju Please check the notification once more. It is not Any degree, it is A degree.....Also it i specifically given post graduation in Chemistry. So the basic qualification is a must which is B.Sc in thye concerned subject. But u r right that higher qualification does not mean you are disqualified. But, the basic qualification is a must thing.

anishaks, thrissur: : 2016-07-05

I am included in supplementary list of university assistant. I have reservation of EZHAVA. Dnt know the rank. And I got the message of certificate verifcation on this 13th. So what are the documents should I have to submit and Is there any chance for me?

apuka, Kannur : 2016-07-06  (New)

hey dunno about the chance in supple, me included in Muslim supple, but u should carry all means \"ALL\" of ur documents from 10th to degree every mark list, each year.

surajs, tvm : 2016-07-06

No chance. SSLC, +2, degree, cast certificate.


Hi all... important questions for tailenders in the interview schedule..
1.Milk.. What is toned milk.. double toned.. skim milk.. fat and snf value and concept.. adulteration and detection.
2.Meat.. preservation methods .. generally
3. Micro.. common bact diseases .. food poisoning.. grams staining.. positive and negative staining.. pasteurisation.. sterilisation.. temperature time quotient..
4.Law.. fso dutys.. plus gen overview
5. Hobby... keep some sentence ready
6. Go neatly dressed..
7. Then brush your subject knowledge.
8. Overview of food related news.. and offices..

Sure , Mosco : 2016-07-11  (New)

Almost 20

Mia Sara, Haripad : 2016-07-11

60 above ethra perundavum?

kashi, kochi: : 2016-07-04

regarding msc biotech and not graduate in biotech ..then they are not eligible like u have said.

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-07-07  (New)

there r only a few candidates with this do not make much variation in the rank liist

Rahul FSO, malapuram: : 2016-07-04

The qualification for the post is degree (B.Sc) in Biotech/biochem/Microbio/Medicine/ vateny...etc. and M.SC Chemistry specifically. So M.Sc Biotech without B.Sc Biotechnology degree is disqualification. They will not be included in the list, if then the rule has to be amended. List will be published by 15th of August

SanjuFSO, Kollam : 2016-07-08  (New)

The qualification for the post is DEGREE in biotech/biochem/microbio/ etc. It is not specifically asking for BACHELORS degree in any of the above subjects. It can be any degree-bachelor or masters. B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D-all are degrees only. So, for e.g., if you have a valid M.Sc degree in biotech, you are eligible even if your B.Sc is in botany. However, for Chemistry, applicants should have both bachelors and masters degree in Chemistry because, in my knowledge, no university in Kerala is offering MSc in Chemistry without BSc in Chemistry. But for subjects like biotechnology, valid university degrees are available where BSc is in Botany and MSc in biotech. So MSc biotech with BSc botany is eligible.

kashi, kochi : 2016-07-04

Rahul fso , U kindly see the gazetted notifcn based on which ppl have applied for the fso post.It says a graduate degree in biotech or fud tech etc biotech/fud tech is eligible..

arni, trivandrum: : 2016-07-04

university assistant very few vacancy no chance for persons below 75 mark

apuka, Kannur : 2016-07-06  (New)

is there anyway we can make them report vacancies?

harikrishnans, peyad, peyad: : 2016-07-04

bdo / mun.secretary result any idea ?

JAMES. B, VANDOOR : 2016-07-10  (New)

Get get get idea... no idea man ... I am waiting for the result...

salini ks tvm, trivandrum: : 2016-07-04


Srinath, Palakkad: : 2016-07-03

Dear University Assistant Friends,

I have secured 77/94 and in main list. Can someone please tell me the expected rank position in main list?

Also how many vaccancies are there and why they are not reporting vaccancy?

Has anybody filed an RTI? If yes please share...Let\'s form a rank holders association.

Antony 23, ekm : 2016-07-04  (New)

My mark in this exam is 85.66. I filled an afidavit on my one time profile.

Srinath, Palakkad: : 2016-07-03

Hi University Asst. Friends,

What will be expected rank position of person with 77/94 in this exam. I am in main list.

Srinath, Palakkad : 2016-07-04  (New)

That is so sad :( how many vacancies will they report? Any idea?

Antony 23, ekm : 2016-07-04

There is no another reservation list in the main list. I think u will be within 1200 rank. Let us hope for the best

Qamarch, Kannur: : 2016-07-03

When will be marks uploaded in the website?

bindu.orissa, Vyttila: : 2016-07-02

What is the cut off mark of HSA HINDI ( Category 662/201 ) Ernakulam district for General, SC, and ST.

Bindu kumari, Vyttila, Ernakulam: 2016-07-02

BALANISHA, alappuzha: : 2016-07-02

university computer assistant list eannu varum?

anaya, kannur: : 2016-07-01

computer assistant shortlist varunnathinu munpu typewriting certificate upload cheyyendathundo?

anaya, kannur: : 2016-07-01

university computer assistant shortlist ennu varum? any idea about the cut off?

apuka, Kannur: : 2016-06-30

hey guys
any idea of the number of muslims in the main list of university assistant??

Eligible, Marad: : 2016-06-30

Hello ,Fso aspirant ,what s your opinion about Psc allowing non eligible course completed candidates allowing for interview ..Eg B.Tech Biotechnology , B tech Food Technology , MSc Biotechnology (graduation in Botany or Zoology) . They are not included in Psc\'s specific qualification list !!!!!!Then how they appeared for interview!

kashi, kochi : 2016-07-03  (New)

Go thru gazetted notifcn of KPSC given last yr @based on which fso exam was says \"any degree in biotech or fud can b therefore bsc or or or msc in biotech or whatever...

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-07-02

hai friend, among the qualifications u specified msc biotechnology is not eligible.but do not know why psc allowed it..according to my opinion they have to reconsider qualification .Unless this will reduce the chance of qualified candidates as mentioned in notification

Sure , Mosco: : 2016-06-29

bank exam are happening very often ,unlike this one . This is rare notification happened after 29 year so it falls in a highly competitive ground .

Idrees tv, Anakkara: : 2016-06-29

What about the opinion about cut off

Droop, palakkad: : 2016-06-29

Univ Asst short list vannu
Cut off 72.6

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