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anjalysujit, pathanamthitta: : 2016-05-24

Hi guys hw s the university assistant exam...

kashi, kochi: : 2016-05-24

Fso intrvw date frm 22 .6.16 to 1.7.16..check interview schedule in kpsc site.. @ addtnl for June 2016..

I think the day for each person imtvw will come to ur mob n also to ur login wishes guys

jansy, Kerala: : 2016-05-24

Friends, What will the cut off mark of University Assistant exam??? Please comment ur marks

mpchrista, ekm : 2016-05-27  (New)

My score is 82 out of 99 what are my chances? General category

AnoopVarghese, kannur : 2016-05-26

I have scored 87 excluding the 3 doubt questions, my many friends has more than 90 so I am very much confused on this.

chitra., Trivandrum: : 2016-05-23

soorthukale ,fso interviewinte date vannu

reshma silvester, ernakulam : 2016-05-23  (New)

when is the interview

Karthi977, Trivandrum: : 2016-05-17

BDO result ennu varum

Sudheerfso, Trivandrum: : 2016-05-16

Hi FSO friends, interview doesnt make much difference in getting chance for getting job. Everybody will be getting above 10 and maximum 13 only out of 20. Those who scored above 50 marks for the written exam will surely get job this year itself. Only below 75 students get above 50 marks, i am sure.

anjalifsokerala, kottayam: : 2016-05-15

Hi Kesu, what is your marks (FSO) as per your calculation? I think you are brilliant

SanjuFSO, Kollam : 2016-05-19  (New)

Hi Anjaly , as per my calculation i got 56 marks/ general category.

anjalifsokerala, kottayam : 2016-05-17

Hi my mind calculation is 52.67. I am not sure. What about yours? I think top mark will be 62 range.

remyas, kottayam: : 2016-05-15

How many viswakarma in mainlist of fso..Please reply

vishakh, technopark : 2016-05-15  (New)

Me there with gud score of 56

Adheesh, Kochi: : 2016-05-14

When will kerala psc publish block development officer 2015 results?

Sudheerfso, Trivandrum: : 2016-05-12

Hi, I never heard about having any problem regarding conduction of food safety interview. No stay for that Safeena.
But, my opinion is that there is no need of conducting interview as the exam was purely subject based. Also, the selected candidates are getting 3 months training. Also, interview based selection can create lots of problem. There may arise some partiality that qualified candidates can even be thrown out of list. Better, based on the test conducted rank lists should be prepared and selection can be made at the earlist. There are 1370 canddates to be interviwed which maeans about 45 days totally required for its completion. Then rank list prepaation takes atleast 45 days. So by November only appointment starts

kashi, kochi : 2016-05-13  (New)

yeah..true that..maybe there wont b intrvw then

safeena, ekm: : 2016-05-12

fso interview nu stay undo? some people are telling like that

Sudheerfso, Trivandrum : 2016-05-12  (New)

I dont think so. See my todays post

Sudheerfso, Trivandrum: : 2016-05-10

Hi Kesu, as per your calculation after deleting 4 questions, how much marks you got? Mine is 49.67. Is there any chance?

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-05-10  (New)

chance ,only god knows

Sure , Mosco: : 2016-05-10

FSo posting this year kanilla !

Sure , Mosco : 2016-05-10  (New)

Interview not scheduling rt ,interview Julyil anel result will be around September October ,Advice vannu appointment will start only in 2017!! alle??

SanjuFSO, Kollam : 2016-05-10


SanjuFSO, Kollam: : 2016-05-08

It is seen that PSC has omitted four questions in the final answer key for FSO. Do you know whether they will give marks for the omitted ones or will they recalculate marks out of 96?

kesufso, trivandrum: : 2016-05-08

fso friends,MrSudheer told that 32 junior health inspectors r promoted to fso\' is it possible if psc conducted a test for fso and the procedures r going we have lost our 32 fso vacancies in future.we should strongly oppose this we should join and file case against this.Am I right friends..ethu ganapathikku vachathu kakka kondupooyathu poolayayee.

kashi, kochi: : 2016-05-06

Dear akgems @ Tvm @ none of us is agitating ..mayb u don\'t knw the meaning of the word \" agitation \".. N ppl here have written exam to get job n work..this a platform for furthr discussions on the process til geting a job..n u r no one to judge ..

shubha bhat, Tvm: : 2016-05-06

Im in the main list. How do i know my marks?

kesufso, trivandrum : 2016-05-07  (New)

check mark

SHERKHAAN, KAADU : 2016-05-07

Add all the marks using calculator

akgems, Trivandrum: : 2016-05-06

WOW! So much for the FSO comments here. Just look at the no of enthusiastic Food safety officer aspirants here. If you guys show 1% of the energy and enthusiasm in getting selected (as revealed by the no of comments in this site) at work, our small state would be free of \"Mayam\" niranja foods.

You people want to get selected just to warm the seats and draw salary every month. Public safety is none of your concern.

Carry on with your agitations and fso related discussions. Hope at least one of you will become a sincere, committed and honest FSO.

kashi, kochi : 2016-05-06  (New)

Dear public safety concern guy @ its none of ur business to just blame n go.. Ppl here engage in discussion bcz they want to..n yeah salary n job is a concern too..n if u don\'t like this message board y d hell u care to come n post comment or read all..n plz understand Fud safety is not just about adulterated fud ..there is more to it of public awareness n creating a life style where ppl have a Fud safety culture like that of EU nations n others..But yes in India its tough bcz ppl face pblm in getting even 3 times fud a day .. nevertheless its a start..@ safe n wholesome Fud to the public..
N eeyalu swanthm kaaryam nokku..bcome a fso n make mayam ellata state or watvr or if u don\'t want salary strt a non profit orgnzn n do promote ur ideals

Sudheerfso, Trivandrum : 2016-05-06

Please dont speak in that way. You are right from thinking in that sense. But in the government sector there are lots and lots of sincere people working for the sake of public. So be positive.

SAN107, VYTTILA: : 2016-05-05


Sudheerfso, Trivandrum: : 2016-05-04

Hi Kasi, I dont think many candidates have been rejected just because they got degree outside Kerala because, if it is recognized by any universities in Kerala, then why they get rejected? I dont think so. If then, maximum 5 candidates got rejected.

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