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princeJ, Ernakulam: : 2016-09-28


In ernakulam Lab assistant HSE, my rank is 152. Is there any possibility for me to get a job before its expiry date?

Hima Rajan, Ernakulam: : 2016-09-27

My mark is 47. 544/2015 [Sr Superintendent/ Asst Dist lottery officer(sc/st)] share your mark. And what will be the cut off mark of 259/2013(Jr.asst Plantation Corp.)?

Umesh das, Tvm : 2016-10-30  (New)


Vipin raj, Paravur : 2016-10-18

51 mark und

SUVINA, Thalassery: : 2016-09-27

Sir iam included in supply mentry list of food safty officer. I have got 33 rd rank in Vishwakarma. Is there any chance?

achu123, tvm : 2016-09-27  (New)

only 3 persons in the viswakarma category will get posting when 100 nos of posts are available.There are 5 candidates in the main list itself. Hence no chance.

food safety 1230, Kollam: : 2016-09-27

Food safety officer 90 vacancies ipol psc kku report cheythennu kettu. genuine report aanu. Arkenkilum community and open wise ethra perkku advice kittum ennu calculate cheyyamo. I mean OC, Ezhava, Muslim, Viswakarma, OBC, SC and ST etc ethu rank vare undakumennu. Please

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy : 2016-09-29  (New)

Hello Priya, ipol onnum parayan pattilla. Wait cheyyenam. Only NJD could help at the moment

Priyacochin, Kochi : 2016-09-28

Maximum how many vacancies will be der in 3 yrs until the list expires. My rank is 275 and 7 th in lc. Is der any chance for me?

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-26

FSO friends cont...
I dont know where you got such information of promoting health inspectors as FSO\'s. I dont think the health department will do such things. Anyway, if it is a real thing we must protest. Health inspectors actual qualification is 10th pass and 6 months diploma and the exam conducted is such a standard. FSO qualification is actually professional and the examination was above average standard. What a luck then for the health inspectors who even if having higher qualification without competing for the exam getting promoted!!. The what was the need for conducting this exam? I still dont know what is really going on. We can start a live chat through google hangout. It is better to share live things.

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-30  (New)

I too heard the same the case of junior health inspctrs promition to fso isnt legal n we can win the case..How many vacancy will arise til the expiry of this ranklist..currently 90 vacancy there...

achu123, tvm : 2016-09-30

In the G.O.(Ms)No.75/2015/H&FWD. dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 16/4/2015.of the secretary HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE(E) DEPARTMENT, GOVT OF KERALA it is clearly mentioned that the method of appointment of fso is by direct recruitment through psc and the qualification fixed is same as that of psc notification. Nothing is mentioned about promotion from lower category ie from junior health inspector.As per G.O fso is a direct entry post not a promotion post.

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-26

Hi FSO rank holders
Who told health inspectors will be promoted to food safety officer post? How can it be done? It is surely against service rules. Even if present health inspectors have the prescribed qualification of FSO\'s, they should appear for the exam and secure minimum marks and then through promotion by transfer (10%) category they could be FSO\'s. But here the case is different. Without amending the existing service rule there is no chance. If it happens, it is strictly against the government norms. Just think. A peon working in collegiate education having M.Sc and NET qualification. Without appearing for the lectureship examination conducted by PSC, can he become lecturer in government colleges? Impossible. To be contd.......

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-27  (New)

15 Health inspectors hav got the order for proMotion to fso from tribunal...Its true..Have to protest against this once aftr checking if its legal or not..for that hav to check ks&ssr rules n see if these ppl can b promoted like that..

News source abt this is frm within the fso departmnt itslf..

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur: : 2016-09-26

Does anyone of U know when will the Result Of Microbiologist in Pharmaceutical Corporation be announced???? Also what is its Current Status of The Above Post??? Kindly Reply.....

anisre, trivandrum: : 2016-09-25

can any one has idea about beat forest officer physical test

kashi, kochi: : 2016-09-25

Its heard that 15 health inspctrs thru kerala state tribunal hav got ordr for promotion to means we will b loosing 15 vacancies..We hav to check with ks&ssr rules to see if its legal..
If not legal then we can file case against it..

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-27  (New)

Its not foolish..from fud safty departmnt itslf this news has come..N it was said b4 itslf..Do ur fact checking first b4 commenting

food safety 1230, Kollam : 2016-09-27

who told this foolish thing?

sajitha95, tvpm: : 2016-09-25

new 105 vacancies are to be reported in university assistant. My rank is 585. i belong to hindu nadar. any chance to get the job

kashi, kochi: : 2016-09-25

Guys @ fso rank holders@ health inspctrs 15 ppl r going to b promoted to fso..This isnt legal..Kindly check the special rule n file case in tribunal...Else we will b loosing our vacancy...

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-27  (New)

Psc notfcn vacancy wont b affected ( 80,) but vacancy yet to come will b affectd n also these healh inspctrs who dont hav the professional qlfns wil b promoted to fso n ppl in d ranklist wil hav to wait n wait

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-27

I got this frm within fud safety departmnt itslf..n its 99.9% genuine..Whatevr vacancy reported to psc wil stand..but thing is if like this health inspctrs promoted then future vacancy wont b reported to psc but wil b filled like this..At first in this blog ..thjs news was there..but even i didnt took it seriously until i heard it frm verh reliable sources frm withn deparmnt..

U ppl can cross check n verify

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-24

Hi Food safety Officer Association members
I am included in the rank list from Trivandrum. Due to the long distance I was unable to attend the meeting held at Kozhikode. So, please be kind enough to share the minutes of meeting here in this site.
Can you give district wise vacancies at present?

SKK, Calicut: : 2016-09-22

Are there any chance for those who have in the supplementary list of Assistant Engineer (Civil)??

sajith303, trivandrum : 2016-09-25  (New)

which post? department?

sajith303, trivandrum : 2016-09-25

which post?

shebaharriss, trivandrum: : 2016-09-22

I am included in rank list.please sent the details about the rank holders associaton for food safety officer.

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur : 2016-09-25  (New)

Hello...Jithin..I hope U Conducted the Rank Holder\'s Meeting Successfully...Would U please share the details of the meeting For Us who were not able to attend the Meeting... Thanks In advance!!!!

jithinparayil, calicut : 2016-09-23

sunday 25-09-2016 at model high school calicut

arvind raghav, calicut: : 2016-09-21

anyone who wrote assistant transport officer ksrtc?

madhav21, tvm: : 2016-09-21

I am told that around 89 vacancy exist. My doubt is will advice will be sent for filling all the 89 vacancy in the first stage i.e; by next month.

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-25  (New)

Its like 20 20 units..first 20 then next 20 n so on..Many inner games of promoting health inspctrs is going on..we hav to b cautious

neethuswastik, malappuram: : 2016-09-21

ld typist otr verification certificate kittiya njan rank list vannappol rejected aayi anveshichapol no proper qualification ennanu paranjath, ella qualificationum undh, enthanu cheyyendath

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-20

Hi Gireesh, I am included in the main list hailing from Trivandrum. I cant attend the rank holders association. Please post the minutes of meeting here in this site for public information.
Do you know the current vacancies reported to PSC for first allotment? Is there any candidates below rank 100 who wish to relenquish their job?
Where is the training conducted?

Gireesh, Kottarakara : 2016-09-24  (New)

95 vacancies are reported now.
Don\'t know anyone who\'s willing to give NJD now. Training is in trivandrum.

jithinparayil, calicut: : 2016-09-20

dear fso rank holders,
if there is any SC candidates in the main list or 1st three rank in supplementary list, please inform whether you people have a plan to join as FSO.

Gireesh, Kottarakara: : 2016-09-20

rank holders meeting for food saftey officers will be conducted on 25/9/2016 ,11am at govt. model higher secondary school,Kozhikode.
I\'m sorry i forgot to mention the place earlier. The details of meeting was published in thozhilvartha.

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