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jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-03-18

Hii kiran Fso >50-58 marks may 150 students. 45-50- 300; 40-50- cutoff 40 in 800 shortlist. Then Psc divided in mainlist (400) & shortlist (400)based on interview; certificate verification; cast category (st/sc/OBC/general) & age over mainly preferred. Is it correctly?

thoufiq, Edappal: : 2016-03-18

I am thoufiq from edappal and I scored 69.83 marks .... out of 100... It was 67.04 in 96.

SASIMESTRI, Kollam : 2016-03-29  (New)

Enna thallaado...

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam : 2016-03-20

Congratz. You will get a rank below 5

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-03-18

I think FSO shortlist cut off 800 numbers is>35. In this st/sc category is >35.OBC category is cut off 40-50 & general category is>50(if >50 mark s ullavar 100 students undenkil).is it correct friends?

FSO Kiran, Kothamangalam: : 2016-03-17

Hi friends, Food safety result ee month undakumo? 50 plus entae chila friends nu undu, but avar parayunnathu ethamathram sheri anennu parayan kazhiyilla. Calculations thettamallo. Enikku 49.7 aanu finalized mark. Interview kanilla ennanu ariyan kazhiyunnathu.
Entae calculation anusarichu above average students subject 70 questions il (now 65 qns) 40 answer cheyyum, pinnae Gen knwldge and English and Maths out of 30 enthayalum 20 kittum. Athayathu 60 marks maximum score. Negative oru 2-3 marks pokum. So above average students 56-58 marks score cheyyum. Avar ethra per undakum ennathanu serious matter.

DA VISHNU, KOLLAM: : 2016-03-17

friends i got 45 marks in divisional accountant exam (ur category) is there any chance of including in short list. how many candidates will be included in main list. please help

FSO, Ambalapuzha : 2016-03-18  (New)

ivde botham olla arelum ondallo..Thank God

FSO Kiran, Kothamangalam: : 2016-03-16

FSO result ennu varum friends? I am new to this forum. I am confusing reading all these comments. Any genuine member please reply. I belong to general category and my mark after publishing final answer key is 49.70. Is there any chance for coming below 100 rank? Is there interview for this post? It is non gazetted and in the notification only written exam and 3 months training is given. I am pg in biotechnology and it is the only opportunity I found in my life for biotech graduates I think. So friends please reply regarding the short list and expected cut offs. No confusing replies please as I am a very much tensed. Please answer.

FSO, Ambalapuzha : 2016-03-16  (New)

Hello am a microbiology graduate ,I Got 57 marks and I expect top rank in FSO .I think you must be within 75 rank .

SreedharFSOPSC, Kottayam: : 2016-03-16

Dhanesh, your mark distribution for Food safety officer was correct but some modifications required
60 above- maximum 30 candidates
55-60- max 50 candidates
50-55- max 80 candidates
Below 50- 45- remaining candidates equaling to 400 main list that is about 240 students. Am I right friends? When will the results come? This month?

FSO Kiran, Kothamangalam : 2016-03-16  (New)

Mujeeb, I dont think cut off is 25. Never Mujeeb.

mujeeb234, കണ്ണൂര്‍ : 2016-03-16

sorry friend
above 40 - 100nos
above 25 - 300 Nos
Cut off will be 25
we can wait for result ... ഉത്തര സൂചി ക കൃത്യമായി പരിശോധിച്ച എന്‍റെ 50 ന് മുകളില്‍ സുഹൃത്തുക്കളുമായി സംസാരിച്ചു അവര്‍ക്കെല്ലാം 30-40 റേഞ്ചിലാണ് ലഭിച്ചത്

ADARSH R KUMAR, trivandrum: : 2016-03-15

fireman swimming test undo ?

joji jojo, Malappuram: : 2016-03-15

Secretariat assistant result part1
Number of persons applied : More than 5,00,000
Number of persons appeared : Less than 3,80,000
Number of persons selected : Less than 2000 (Main list)
Approximate ratio (Main list) : [1:250] The number is well beyond 250 as the candidates are more than 5 lakh. So approximately one among every 250 candidates gets selected. We can also say that one among 12 classrooms get selected. But see what happened.
189208 189209 189210
162022 162223 162225
128522 128523 128526
114968 114969
130835 130836
131742 131743
133291 133292
164523 164524
168216 168217
139135 139136
161711 161712
179554 179555
206166 206167
206368 206369
209336 209337
244395 244396
rest in part2

fejin c m , kannur: : 2016-03-15

hi im feghin c m , im a biotech graduate n i got 46.66 marks in fso n i belong to muslim category. two fvmy frnds scored marks btw 40-43 in fso

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam: : 2016-03-14

Hi Jayesh, ngan final answer key nokkiyittanu entae mark paranjathu. as u said as per thozhil vartha it was 52.7 and after final answer key it dropped to below 50.00. But cut off ethra anenna avar exam kazhinja udan report cheythathu?

Antony, I am still against messy works, but genuine posts are welcome.

Please, ellaperum ividae avarku kittiya marks and friends marks display cheyyamo. Then we could get an idea.

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-15  (New)

Enne ariuunna; njan ariyunna Ella friendsinu 28- 40 anu.

jithinparayil, calicut: : 2016-03-14

hi sneha and maria. first of all thanks for categorizing me in the genuine peoples department. Iam Jithin Raj presently perusing Ph.D in chemistry and within three months I will submit my thesis. Also qualified NET exam (this is not at all important here but just for your information friends). You people are absolutely right Sneha and Maria. We all delivered our genuine interest and anxiety here. But most of the fake people (not all) are misleading us. As a member of this group I have a gentle request friends, don’t make fake comments. Let’s have some productive debate and discussions here and motivate all our friends. I personally wish all the very best for the members who deserve this job. There is only delay friends, no deny. Fight to the finish.

jithinparayil, calicut : 2016-03-16  (New)

thanks jayesh for the motivating words. let the deserved candidates get the job. eagerly waiting for the result. lets hope for the best

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-16

But u will include in supply sc list
In this sc supply list ; mainly prefer
No tension jitu u will become FSO

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam: : 2016-03-14

Friends as per Thozhil vartha and Thozhil veedhi what was the expected cut off mark for Food Safety Officer? Their calculations are almost correct. Just 2-3 marks variation only from the final result. Please reply.

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-15  (New)

Ninekengane thozhil veethtilnnu correct ayi cut off manasilayi.athile 7 questions different from fso final answer key

palakkad fso, palakkad : 2016-03-15

As per manorama thozhil Veedhi expected cut off was 47

palakkad fso, palakkad : : 2016-03-14

I have 48.33

Midhun123, Thamarassery: : 2016-03-13

FSO kar evidae poyi? Guess work okkae niruthio? Athae, it is better than misguiding. Wait and see till 3 months.

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam : 2016-03-14  (New)

You are right Midhun. For what such guess work which misleads FSO candidates. Frankly speaking I dont know the cut off mark. Still I wish to be below 45. But I dont know how it comes. Wait and see till April

geena m, kollam: : 2016-03-13

ee food safety shortlist epo varum ennu ariyo?? gen cut off ethrayirikum???

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-14  (New)

Eniku 41.44 mark ullo.Hindu OBC anu. Njan shortlistil undavumennu thonnunilla.

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-13

Fso in general category cut off>45
Genna yude mark score etraya?

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-03-11

Dhanesh PSc ile friend nodu chodiku FSO interview undonnu? Degree level secreteriat assistant/bdo xamnum interview undu. But 10th level exam like LDC/LGS examnu interview illa ennenikariyam.

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam: : 2016-03-10

Entae opinion Food safty ofcr exam nu interview undakaruthu ennanu. Karanam 20 marks aanu. Maximum 16 marks kittum. 8-12 marks kittunnavaru kanum. Apol performance unfortunately moshamayal written examinu mark kuranjavarae kalum pirakilakan chance undu. Pinnae interview marks board members nu engane venamenkilum idamallo. It depends on which category they belongs to. If the member/ experts come from Agri field surely they give good marks for agri students. So better not to have interview.

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam : 2016-03-11  (New)

Hi Simms FSO non gazetted post aanu. Dnt confuse. I am 100 prcent sure that it is non-gazetted. Result ee masam undakum ketto.

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-11

Fso post gazetted post alle? Appol interview must avum?

jjjayesh, vettichira: : 2016-03-10

All degree level Psc xam num interview undayirikum. In FSO is different technology curse kar ezhutiya xam alle. Enthayalum undavum allenkil FSO kar vets/kau kar avum

Maria bose, kozhikode : 2016-03-10  (New)

We cant generalise that ,its all KPSC\'s discretion ,Lets wait .No more arguments please .All of us are professionals with high education qualification and will be colleagues with in few months . So Lets wait for the results to publish.

Dhanesh PSC FSO, Kollam: : 2016-03-10

Food safety officer Mark distribution
70-75- 2 perkku
65-70- 5 per
60-65- 15 per
55-60- 60 per
50-55- 80 per
40-50- 238 per
Total 400 main list. Entae calculation sheriallae friends. Please reply

jjjayesh, vettichira : 2016-03-11  (New)

Calculation good >40marks including in400mainlist &>30 Include in supply list for400

Maria bose, kozhikode : 2016-03-10

This one has some sense.
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