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Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-24

Hi Food safety Officer Association members
I am included in the rank list from Trivandrum. Due to the long distance I was unable to attend the meeting held at Kozhikode. So, please be kind enough to share the minutes of meeting here in this site.
Can you give district wise vacancies at present?

SKK, Calicut: : 2016-09-22

Are there any chance for those who have in the supplementary list of Assistant Engineer (Civil)??

sajith303, trivandrum : 2016-09-25  (New)

which post? department?

sajith303, trivandrum : 2016-09-25

which post?

shebaharriss, trivandrum: : 2016-09-22

I am included in rank list.please sent the details about the rank holders associaton for food safety officer.

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur : 2016-09-25  (New)

Hello...Jithin..I hope U Conducted the Rank Holder\'s Meeting Successfully...Would U please share the details of the meeting For Us who were not able to attend the Meeting... Thanks In advance!!!!

jithinparayil, calicut : 2016-09-23

sunday 25-09-2016 at model high school calicut

arvind raghav, calicut: : 2016-09-21

anyone who wrote assistant transport officer ksrtc?

madhav21, tvm: : 2016-09-21

I am told that around 89 vacancy exist. My doubt is will advice will be sent for filling all the 89 vacancy in the first stage i.e; by next month.

kashi, kochi : 2016-09-25  (New)

Its like 20 20 units..first 20 then next 20 n so on..Many inner games of promoting health inspctrs is going on..we hav to b cautious

neethuswastik, malappuram: : 2016-09-21

ld typist otr verification certificate kittiya njan rank list vannappol rejected aayi anveshichapol no proper qualification ennanu paranjath, ella qualificationum undh, enthanu cheyyendath

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-20

Hi Gireesh, I am included in the main list hailing from Trivandrum. I cant attend the rank holders association. Please post the minutes of meeting here in this site for public information.
Do you know the current vacancies reported to PSC for first allotment? Is there any candidates below rank 100 who wish to relenquish their job?
Where is the training conducted?

Gireesh, Kottarakara : 2016-09-24  (New)

95 vacancies are reported now.
Don\'t know anyone who\'s willing to give NJD now. Training is in trivandrum.

jithinparayil, calicut: : 2016-09-20

dear fso rank holders,
if there is any SC candidates in the main list or 1st three rank in supplementary list, please inform whether you people have a plan to join as FSO.

Gireesh, Kottarakara: : 2016-09-20

rank holders meeting for food saftey officers will be conducted on 25/9/2016 ,11am at govt. model higher secondary school,Kozhikode.
I\'m sorry i forgot to mention the place earlier. The details of meeting was published in thozhilvartha.

Jessey, Malappuram: : 2016-09-20

Friends I am in 70 th position in FSO Muslim supplimentary list..any chance to get job...

Shabari, Kozhikode: : 2016-09-20

Pwd irrigatiin second & third overseer /draftsman ranked list vararayo

mahima, Trivandrum: : 2016-09-20


I am in the 5th position of sc category. I know one guy in the main list who also belongs to SC category (planing to join). Do you have any idea of others. We need to find the candidates who are all not planning to Join. Automatically the seat wont allocate to the next person (SC) if it is an NJD. Those who are not planning to join, either they them-self report to PSC at the earliest once after receiving the advice memo or we need find the same guy and to get a letter mentioning the same so the same can be submitted to PSC.

banu, trivandrum: : 2016-09-20

Dear friends my rank is 157 in main list and belong to ezhava category.Is there any chance for me to get the job now? or atleast in near future? Thanks in advance.

madhav21, tvm: : 2016-09-19

How many belonging to general category in the main list will get appointment as FSO.Do anyone know? Do rank after 65 in the main list belonging to general category have a chance to get?

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-09-19

Hi FSO rank holders,
There is a discrepancy in the salary scale that one third of rank holders will be availing a salary scale of 16180/- while the remaining 14200/-. Why there is no uniformity in the scale of pay? Candidates of same rank list entering into job getting different pay scale. It has to be made uniform. Friends, what do u all think? Please share your valuable suggestions.

achu123, tvm : 2016-09-21  (New)

Normally grade promotions are given on time bound basis.Here one third strength is maintained on higher grade on cadre seniority irrespective of time.

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy : 2016-09-20

Then what is the criteria for being included in one third category?

Gireesh, Kottarakara: : 2016-09-19

Rank holders meeting for food saftey officers will be conducted on 25/9/2016 ,11am at Govt. Model Higher secondary school.

Gireesh, Kottarakara : 2016-09-20  (New)

I\'m sorry the rank holders meeting is in kozhikode Govt model HS

Priyacochin, Kochi: : 2016-09-19

Hi FSO frnds. I am in main list but 275 rank only. But comes 7 the in Latin catholic category. Do I have any chance to get the job.

anaya, kannur: : 2016-09-19

any news about university computer assistant rank list?

jithinparayil, calicut: : 2016-09-18

dear FSO friends,
i belong to sc category and i got fourth position in supplementary list. there are 5 sc candidates in the main list. so in effect i will be the 9th sc candidate. there are presently 85 vacancies reported by the PSC. what about my possibility of getting the job? looking forward for the genuine response

achu123, tvm : 2016-09-19  (New)

As per psc rotation chart 8 numbers of sc candidate will get posting when 84 candidates are selected.The turn of 9 th sc candidate comes only when total 104 candidates are selected.

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy : 2016-09-19

Dont worry, u will surely get the job. There are about 100 vacancies at present. Also, sometimes everybody in the list may not join. Then u will be very much comfy. Anyway, u will get the job.
Do u know when and where the training for FSO?

bijushaprasanth, tvm: : 2016-09-17

Computer assistant and LD typist tvm rank list ennuvarum? plz reply

Aaghosh, Kozhikode : 2016-09-19  (New)

Ld ee week calendar annu
...Baki jillakal vannallo
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