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shaji007, palakkad: : 2016-07-26

expected LGS vaccancies in palakkad.. my rank is btw 1100 and 1200 in main list .. is there any chance ?

rechu8428, changanacherry: : 2016-07-26

any updates regrading fso? pls pass genuine comments

PURKINJEE. V. NAIR, PIGHEADHILL (pannithalamedu): : 2016-07-26

Hi friends I was in UK for some days. Do could not rite FSO exa!. When is next exam . I completed vet graduation fro! Pondicherry and now taking diploma in tailoring in kitco. Please update the exa dates... Tank you...
house no 1.2
Palathinte adivasham
London 3

Amanita muscaria, kattuthadi: : 2016-07-25

Pleurotus parayunnathu kettillel njan angottu varam ...

Leptospira Icterohaemorrhagiae, Elikkavala: : 2016-07-25

Technoparku karkkenta FSoyil karyam??

PP BASHEEER, BSIX: : 2016-07-25

Hi friends why all fso people go cracy... Very upsetting... Shall we start a watsaapp group ... I start it i....nterested people please joint it... Name is PUTTUM KADALAYUM...related to our field... ALL ARE MELCOW....

JAYKRISHNAN. J, kinnarappara: : 2016-07-24

Any idea of how much cut off for inderview. Is there any cut off . Is it 4 for all exam. It is regarding fso examination.

PLUROTUS PLUROTUS, Technopark: : 2016-07-24

Ellarum serious aayitt discussion nadathanam ennu abhyarthikkunnu... Please..


Ee randu calculationum oru ithillla ennanu ente oru ithu...


Nammude dhamodharan vakkil ettedukkatha sthanathekku njan sandeep fsoye suggest cheyyunnu.....
Please all of you stop calculations and guess... illengil .... kadikkan njaan......

user, alappuzha: : 2016-07-21

cut off kuravarikum enu alarum parayanu

dnt knw

hope for the best

rechu8428, changanacherry: : 2016-07-20

any news about fso final rank list?

kichu420, changanacherry : 2016-07-21  (New)

OO ,enna parayana rechu septemberilenganum varuvarikkum..athinu munnoonum nadakkukelanna thonnunne

Sandeep FSO, Trivandrum: : 2016-07-20

Hi FSO Job seekers.. Complete interview will be over by 27th of this month. Interview marks will be in the range 11-13 out of 20. So dont worry.
The mark distribution will be as per my survey is
70+ - 2 nos
65-70 - 3 nos
60-65 - 15 nos
55-60 - 30 nos
50-55 - 55 nos
45-50- Remaining.
Friends, am I right in the prdiction? Plz shre ur views
New information, 120 vacancies by November

KABALI, MALAYSIA : 2016-07-22  (New)

Enne angottu varutharuthu. .... ini kanakkuletion itta adutha flightil angu varum....

Faisal, Kannur : 2016-07-22

9-13 alle intrw mark range ????


Secretriate assistant Category No 638/2014 rank listil ninnum advice ayacho? if you have any idea please share.
Secretriate assistant Category No 436/2012 rank listil ninnum ennium advice ayakumo?
Please reply

Smithamol.r, Cherthala: : 2016-07-19

My score is 420 in LDC alappuzha may I get job

PIKACHU, paramb: : 2016-07-19

Hi fso friends.. interview is over.. but one question is still unanswered..
Why did kattappa kill bahubali...

renjus, palakkad: : 2016-07-17

i got 2044 rank in 489/2011 general any hope

SUER, MOSCOW: : 2016-07-17

FSO vacency 500 ennu njan parayathathu ningade bhagyam...

Chinnu nu, Cochin: : 2016-07-15

beverage asst grde 2 ,result ennu varum.its 1year after this mark is very less.can anybody please reply for this,because this is one of the exam i am hopefully waiting for.women candidate ne appoint cheyumo?i am muslim pls reply

user, alappuzha : 2016-07-25  (New)

cut off kuravarikum enu alarum parayanu

dnt knw

hope for the best

Chinnu nu, Cochin : 2016-07-20

final answer key it is 52 marks.i am in muslim category.any hope?

MrPayyans, Kozhikode: : 2016-07-14

Hello all, Any idea when the municipal secretary exam results will be out?

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