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nijukerala, malappuram: : 2016-10-19

Dcb shortlist, malappuram... when it will ublish? kollam already publish and cutoff in mpm? listil ulla ellarkum kittan chance undoo.... ellatinum marupadi pratheekshikkunnu

THAHEERABDU100 , MANJERI : : 2016-10-18

How many months take to shortlist after condected psc exam

jayanash, ernakulam: : 2016-10-13

If anyone know up assistant ekm rank holders number pls post it

jayanash, ernakulam: : 2016-10-13

Can any one tell validity of present up assistant rank list extended upto?

Fud safety, Thanoor: : 2016-10-05

Hello Kashi, do you know the details regarding training conducted for FSO\'s? Where is it conducted? How many months? Does it starts soon after getting appointed? It is heard 90 candidates will get advice soon. Are they getting training together or batch wise?

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-06  (New)

No idea...i dont knw..y soo concernd about where training n all..getting the job was d major hurdle..since u got it..relax n go on wishes

renjithmoorthy, Kollam: : 2016-10-05

Dear frnds, am included in the main list of LD Typist Palakkad with rank 321(Ezhava). Can you please tell me whether I get appointment and when? Total reported vacancies and present situation? Kindly reply..

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha: : 2016-10-04

Hi FSO friends, dont worry regarding the delay in getting advice. Just keep in mind that only on last month the rank list was published. Please give the PSC officials atleast one month time. Also, it was Onam holidays. Just wait atleast 15th of this month.
No problem and no case is going on now. It is all fake comments made by some candidates just to mislead. I too got worried reading their comments. But, now I understood it was just fabricated stories.
90 advice will be made at first. As per my calculation when 90 are adviced Open upto 70 rank, Muslim 102, Ezhava 69, OBC 80 and so on SC- 8nos, ST-1 no. (If nobody relinquish). Within 6 months 30+ vacancies will be reported. However the total vacancies will not go beyond 140 within 3 years

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-05  (New)

First near about 90 wil get job soon..N regarding the promotion of junior health inspctrs its not fake..its true only..n about may come max to 180..
N future inc in vacancy can happen based on need..also if state faces serious fud safety concerns n get flak for shortage of manpower then it may create more Have hope...
N fso job to b frank isnt soo cool requires hardwork..its not just raids n inspctn..its full field work..reports..transfers...going to courts..sampling...etc etc..

Ponnu Ahmad, Thrissur: : 2016-10-04

Hello FSO Aspirants..... Does anyone of U know When Will PSC start to sent advice??? Will there be delay due to the ongoing case as I get to know from this Forum??? How Many Advice Will be sent Initially??? Kindly Reply If Anyone of You is aware of the present situation... Thanks In advance....

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-04  (New)

In units if 20...20..first 20 ..then next n so on.

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha: : 2016-10-04

Dear FSO friends, I heard a news that the appointment of FOOD SAFETY OFFICERS will take time as the case is going on. Is it true? Unlike other post we dont have an union. What to do for that? Atleast shall we start rank holders association regionally which I mean Trivandrum zone, Ernakulam Zone and Kozhikode zone that each and every one can communicate and attend the association meeting.

Snehasreya , Thrissur : 2016-10-05  (New)

I agree with you friend. We have to work together otherwise our hard work will get wasted. Here in this forum many of us are still hiding their identity. We need to form union and closed whatsapp group friends. Unlike other rank holders association our rank list mainly includes professionals. This is a golden chance to get our dream job. So pls be active . Lets act together. I saw one group in fb but it is inactive after the list got published

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-04

Yeah..its a gud thing to do for...

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha: : 2016-10-03

Dear FSO friends, please dont be irritated after reading my post. It is just my opinion. Not only for FSO posts, each and every government employees must be sincere at their work and don\'t fall before undeserved money and powers. Be kind enough to common people. Render their service showing justice to what they are. Good Luck!!!

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-04  (New)

U wil b then getting the job towards d end of the present vacancy...No idea on y its not active fso site...Like i said u can personally go n enquire in fso office or file rti if u wana get info fast n specificaly..

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha : 2016-10-04

Dear Kashi, this is not prejudistic.. You have misunderstood.
I too concerned of getting this job. My rank is around 100 and so I am optimistic. But the food safety department website is not active for the last two months. Why is it so? Have any idea? I tried to contact through phone. But nobody answering.

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha: : 2016-10-03

Dear FSO friends, this is a highly responsible job. There are lot of opportunities open for FSO\'s in getting offers from hotels and food business operators. But, we should not go behind this as our duty is food safety and after appointing us no complaints should be reported from any zonal areas and should deliver our duty sincerely. We will be happy if we are regularly getting gifts and offers from hotel owners. But just keep it in mind that it is against GOD we are playing and is just momentary. We have to pay for that in one way or another if we earn even a single rupee which we dont deserve. FSO\'s going behind such bad things is like adding poison to food. Anyway we can just demand the government for hiking the basic salary to 16180/-.

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-03  (New)

This was d case 25 yrs b4..nw fssai is a gud organixation..Dont have prejuidistic ideas Mr fso allepy

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha: : 2016-10-03

Dear Food safety Rank holders,
It is actually fortunate to get a PSC job whether it is low grade or higher grade. FSO is actually a higher grade post as the qualification mentioned is professional. Unfortunately its basic pay scale of 14620/- is insufficient as central government and many states offers pay band 2 with a grade pay of 4600/-. Referring many other PSC applications such as drug inspector and even other diploma qualification posts too the basic salary is 16180/- which is standard. Even if this post could not be made gazetted the basic salary should be hiked to decent 16180/-. Now one third FSO gets this salary (16180/-) which is truly partiality. Rank holders must seek attention from government officials regarding this matter

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-04  (New)

Salary wil b that much only..salary for a post cant b changed just bcz we protest..u wil b getting 33 k in hand initially n about future increase in salary ..yeah in 2021 neXt revision tym or when u get promotion n when da increases ...then also there wil b lil hike

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha : 2016-10-04

This 29,000/- basic pay corresponds to 14620/- and not for 16180/-. Do you have any idea of hiking the salary in future?

Snehasreya , Thrissur : : 2016-10-03

Hello, my rank is 139 in the fso main list general. Is there any chance for me to get job in 3 years

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-03  (New)

Yes ..chance is there

RAFKMR, kilimanoor: : 2016-10-03

hi anyone knows about ld typist pathanamthitta rank holder\'s meeting ?

radfew3245, sarhydfh : 2016-10-03  (New)

chceck thozhilvartha or veedhi

wegroup, trivandrum: : 2016-10-03

ld typist trivandrum rank holders meet at museum radio park on 09.10.2016, sunday, 10:00 AM...rank holders pls do attend.....

user, alappuzha: : 2016-10-03

bev ass grade 2 result published

cut off 55.67

Food safety PSC, Kanjikkuzhy: : 2016-10-02

Hi Food safety friends, in the rank list there are two disability candidates. Are they eligible for this job? If then 3% vacancies are reserved for them.

FSO Alappey, Alapuzha: : 2016-10-01

Hello Food safety rank holders association members, why so much worries regarding the appointment of FSO\'s?. If you are sure about back door appointments of junr hlth inspctrs as FSO\'s we need to protest. For that it will not help you anyway commenting here as this site is limited to only a few members. Why you are not making this issue public. Unless, this is just a fake news I think. See today\'s (Sunday) Kerala Koumudi news paper inner page where university news and psc news are given. There a similar matter is discussed regarding legal metrology appointments. I dont think in our case such issue is related. If then give a news to at least thozhil vartha. Why you all are still lagging behind? Be active then. ok

kashi, kochi : 2016-10-03  (New)

Heloo fso allepy...u too can do all this..going psc office getting to knw about vacancy for fso..asking abt the issue of promotion of junior health inspctrs in fud safty ..filing rti if needed to knw abt the issue..etc etc n then get it in psc bulletin n newspaper n all...u can also b active n do this n shw other ppl d way..u also dont lag behind bro..

psc aspirant, kottayam : 2016-10-03

Wn vl d first set of advise b issued?

reshma vishnu, ernakulam: : 2016-10-01

hi... njn beat forest officer shortlistil included anu.. njn ernakulam anu apply chythath..appol ekm il matrame posting undakullo?? ake 1 post ekm il ullu en parayunu! nk kitan chanc kuravano

kashi, kochi: : 2016-10-01

Already public attention is there..ppl hav filed case also

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