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Rani Praveen, Ernakulam: : 2017-01-14

I am included in the ranklist of Secretariat asst (rank 531) and university asst(1730).I belong to Ezhava category. Is there any possibility for me to be appointed

surajs, tvm : 2017-01-16  (New)

Very good chance, you will get the job in unsty assistant within one year.

Amalu, Alappuzha: : 2017-01-14

How many vacancies are reported for university assistant. Next how many more possible vacancies are there? Plz answer..

SARATH C, GURUVAYUR: : 2017-01-08

What is the expected cutoff mark for Draftsman Grade II/II Grade Overseer
(Electrical) (509/2015) ?

hsa english, kulathupuzha: : 2017-01-06

how many vacancies are reported for hsa english kollam. can any one answer


When will be the LDC exam for thrissur district? Pls reply

antonysaba, alapuzha: : 2017-01-01

expected cut-off percentage of overseer grade 3 lsgd exam date 28 October 2016

rajeswr, Kollam: : 2017-01-01

Hi, does anyone have any idea about the VEO vacancies in Kollam?

kashi, kochi: : 2017-01-01

Fso case wil take tym; the legal proceedings and everything..- case regarding qualfcn n case of health inspctr promotion to fso..
If lucky enough in 2017 end some may get posting....or mayb in 2018..Best wishes..its pathetic to see hw things work in a state having highest literacy rate in india..politics ..bureacracy red tapism thrives well

smitabiot, palakkad: : 2017-01-01

any updates on agriculture officer

FSO kollam 2016, kollam: : 2016-12-29

Is there any updates regarding the appointment to FSO please reply

abhiashokkumar, Thiruvananthapuram: : 2016-12-25

Please reply any one included in Assistant Compiler, Kerala Live Stock Department List?? Please reply????????????

abhiashokkumar, Thiruvananthapuram: : 2016-12-25

Experience in LD Compiler is equivalent or higher to accounts officer experience certificate.... Give comments???????????? Category No: 648/2012

abhiashokkumar, Thiruvananthapuram: : 2016-12-25

Any one help me I have 7 years experience as accountant and accounts officer. Now I am in a Clerk list, But the kerala psc ask for 2 years experience as clerk. Will accountant experience is taken as higher experience or not??????????

Any one have idea on it?????Please reply to this question??????

krishnaraj, thrissur: : 2016-12-21

asst sales man thrissur cutoff ethrayavum...?

rd007, Calicut: : 2016-12-21

Hi there....I was included in main list for assistant engineer water authority....Does anyone knows what was the maximum cutoff got by the applicant and when will the interview date for the same will be scheduled?

food safety kerala123, Kerala: : 2016-12-12

Food safety officer job seekers please email me to this gmail account \'foodsafetykeralapsc\' created exclusively for discussing problems. Urgent please

alex2017, trivandrum : 2017-01-17  (New)

i wud like to join the FSO rank holders grp. Pls guide me to join it.

noneedfood, Kottayam: : 2016-12-12

Hello FSO friends, nammal advice kittiyittu onnum ariathavare polae irikkaruthu. Within 3 months appointment nadakkenam ennanu psc rule. Ini hardly 3 more weeks. Namukku parasparam contact cheyyan oru margavum illa. Post card vangi ororutharkkum ayakkam ennu vicharicahal palarkum ishtamakilla. Atha angane pattathathu. Allel namukku ellaperkum convenient aya oru sthalathu othu koodiyittu oru decision edukkamayrunnu. But, oru karyam urappanu, ee reethiku nammal poyal adutha kalathonnum nammal rakshapedilla.
Ngan parayunnathu admistrve tribnal direct poyalo? Candidates ntae bhavi aano ithae polulla anavashya prasnangal aano valuthu? Pinnae ee rank listil adviced aaya palarum pala cheriyil nilkukayanu. Atha onnum sheriakathathu. Union is strth

FSO Aspirant 01, Kerala: : 2016-12-11

A case nte details um search cheydal kitum.. Namal onnichu nilkanm enkil Wats aapp or E forum til ninnum purateku varikayum elavarum contact cheyukayum cheyde madiyaku..Karanm It is High Time.. I have a suggestion for everybody..Arenkilum Munnotu vannu oru email id undakuka..Ah e mail id ee forum til or wats aapil share dat ela advised candidates can get in touch personally with each other and den can discuss about the situation and can take necessary steps..Elavrum mansilakuka..everybody have deir own limitations & problems, worries and tensions..And mostly we people don\'t know what to do also..Idu Selfishness alla..Marichu Helplessness aanu..Elavarum dayvu cheydu sahakarikuka..I hope A positive Reply... Thank You..

FSO Aspirant 01, Kerala: : 2016-12-11

THE INDIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL ACT, 1956 aanu India yil \" Degree in Medicine\" te definition vyaktamakyrikunadu.. E niyamam aanu casente basis..Idu kurachu sensitive issue ayadinal naan idinte details lotu pokunila..Arku venam enkilum Google il search cheyam..Idoru Public forum aydinal aanu elavarum Anonymous aayi post cheyunadu..Karanm Naale elvrum Oru Dept il work cheyendadinaal arenkilum 1ru vibagam alkare anukulikuna or pratikulikuna reedhyil post itaal adu working environment ne affect cheyum ennu elarkum aryam alo.. So Advised candidates il tanne 2 group aayi ipol.. Adu kondu endaanu nadkunadu ennu arkum aryukayum illa..Parsparam Parijayavum ila.. 2015 il Allahabad il FSO ude Qualification Sambandichu ide tartil ulla case undyrnu...

FSO Aspirant 01, Kerala: : 2016-12-11

Hello FSO Candidates....Administrative Tribunal Il Anu Case..Genuine aanu...Rank List il Tazhe Ullavar Anu E case Kodutitulladu... PSC Notification Il Qualification Parnjituladu \" Degree In Medicine\" enaanu..Degree In Medicine MBBS matram aano ado Baaki Branches Of Medicines such as Ayurveda, Homeo etc...ulpedumo enadaanu tarka vishayam..Namuku elavarkum aryam Advised Candidates ilum BAMS & BHMS undu..Rank List iL um undu... Ivare ulpeduthanam ennu Anukulikunarum Undu Ulpedutarudu ennu paryunavrum Undu..Adu kondaanu Unity Ilatadu..Ipol Advised Candidates nu tanne what is going on ennu aryila...Idoke Maativechu kondu namuku karyangal Gauravatode Parishodikam.. ctd...

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