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akg, nit calicut  03/08/2014
i will reach here
Nobin Joseph, kottayam  08/02/2014
does any exams are going to be conducted on the basis of plus two
anupamadavid, Ernakulam  27/12/2013
Are there still any Ezhavas in the
main list of 38 ??
mayu, kollam  18/12/2013
any info regarding when will they publish the final list?
Girija kerala, kerala  15/12/2013
How many Ezhavas are there in the 38 people main list of deputy collector???
vivek vs, vatakara  13/12/2013
Dear friends,
Do you know how many of of 38 from mains list has attended the interview?? any idea

Girija kerala, kerala : how was ur interview

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : about 30 from main list attended interview
Rajan, kerala  08/12/2013
One thing to bring to ur notice.There is no supreme court ruling reagrding the tyoe of suppl. list prepared by psc.Its like publishing the result of some exam and telling that the resukt is faulty.It shows the authenticity of psc . And the Kerla High court has given sufficient explanation of th SC ruling. Dont misinterpret law accordng to your convenience.

Also PSC is ranting on an 'Unpiblished' list. Its not clear
who is in main list and who is in supplementary in prelims.So there is no validity for their decision. Also no reason is cited in the new supplementary list of the 13 transferred students.

Pravi, Calicut : Dear rajan pls giv me the ful details or link of sc rule reg unified list

Rajan, kerala : I said the unified list of prelims is acc. to SC judgement.

How was ur interview Sarada.

sarada, trivandrum : what r u talking about?
rashmi, ekm  05/12/2013

how was ur interview. pls post ur inteview experience

Praveenk, Clt : Rajan pls give sc full judgement

Well Wisher, On the Map : Main Exam People will provide interview details only after all the main list people finish their interview....I won\'t blame them...survival of the fittest.....
rashmi, ekm  04/12/2013

Pls do share ur interview experience.

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : Mostly they asked me about my current work experience and how i will contribute if i became a deputy collector??They asked one situational question which is to test the integrity??Overall i was not satisfactory about my lasted for 15 minutes.
rashmi, ekm  04/12/2013
when is ur interview.
all the best for everyone here who are attending interview.

pls do post the interview experience here
renjit, kottayam  03/12/2013
ya i got call letter;today only;
any thing regarding interview questions...
GUYFAWKES, Mumbai  03/12/2013
I was told that my candidature has been rejected because i didn't have my name printed on the photo uploaded on the website in 2010. Hence, that ends my candidature inspite of my name coming in mains list. Good luck to All!! :D Adios!!
nikhil5968, kochi  02/12/2013
interview dates announced see psc website

Interview Dates :
Main List Reg.No. - 206 to 482 04/12/13
Main List Reg.No. - 486 to 3195 05/12/13
Main List Reg.No. - 3237 to Ezhava Supply. 1771 06/12/13
Ezava Supply. 1805 to SC Supply. 3274 07/12/13
ST Supply. 502 to Muslim Supply. 2390 10/12/13
Muslim Supply. 2944 to OBC Supply. 405 11/12/13
OBC Supply 1789 to OX Supply. 2154 12/12/13
OX Supply 2257 to PH Ortho 2575 13.12.2013
nikhil5968, kochi  02/12/2013
todays thozhil veedhi reported some news regarding unified shortlist. somebody pls read it and post the matter here( I saw the advertisement online). I cant get thozhil veedhi here in my place as am out of kerala.
renjit, kottayam  01/12/2013
any body got interview admmit card??
rashmi, ekm  30/11/2013
Any idea about interview, whether it will start from 4th dec or not?

anybody got any call letter for interview?
rashmi, ekm  30/11/2013
how many of you think
1. Mainlist and Supplementary list to be prepared only after interview based on total marks in written+interview like UPSC does

2. How many of u favouring keralapsc current main and supplementary list preparation procedure even after written exam?


man35vadakara, kozhikode : hi rashmi,
Actualy the Kerala psc follows the same rule of UPSC as per the exam notification. They will not count prelim mark for making rank list. It is only a screening test. They made a unified list accordingly. But that time itself PSC made a mistake. They did not announce separate cut off for different sections. But made a single cut off and those who r above it are in main and those who scored less than 62 are in supple. 1000 in main and 2500 in supple. That is those 1000 are only qualified. 2500 will be considered only if reservation candiada not thee in mail list of 1000. But the list is published as unified one as UPSC. So mistake.Hence rectified now. Kerala PSC decision is unique one. Not a mistake. Here prelim test also important
nikhil5968, kochi  29/11/2013

But as per Kerala PSC procedure
1st rank- A-115 marks
2nd rank-C-105 marks
3rd rank-B-103 marks
The person with more mark will be kept in supplementary list!
1. E-120 marks
2. D-110 marks
Is it justice ? Is here PSC maintaining efficiency of the administration by excluding the more potential candidates from the job?

PSC answer is that D&E availed the reservation benefits in the preliminary exam. So even if they perform well in remaining stages of the exam, they will not consider for general vacancies.

Here PSC has to think Prelim is only a screening. It is only for choosing candidates to fight for the main part of exam.
D&E fell short of 2 marks in prelims

to be continued...........

man35vadakara, kozhikode : Dear nikhil, what kozhikkodan pointed out is correct. Those in the list of 2500 are there only because of their reservation chance. They did not cross the single cut off announced in prelim and are virtually out. There is no separate cutoff for reservatio candidate in this exam as in case of UPSC. Hence they did not pass prelim, but just retained in the order of priority for reservn appointment. But there is a scope of PIL. because KPSC has to answer on what ground they reduced main list from 51 to 38 irrespective of no change in vacancy position. They could have taken more desrved ones to the main list to make up the short fall

nikhil5968, kochi : >KOZHIKODAN

I have one doubt. If an ezhava candidate A from mainlist scores total(main+interview) 100 marks and another ezhava candidate B from supplementary list scores 110, who will get appointment against ezhava reservation-A OR B

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : Dear Nikhil,

Here D&E is getting 2 chances on account of reservation...there will be potential candidates from general who are having same mark of D&E in prelims but got rejected for a fair conduct of exam we have to include all the concerns and give justice to all ...therefore it is the right decision by psc to move 13 candidates to supplementary...there is a supreme court ruling that 50% of seats have to be considered for general category at any 1000 selected for mains have to compete for general to be in supplementary...what I believe is your PIL wont stand in court on account of other verdicts and it questions the basic structure of constitution!!!
nikhil5968, kochi  29/11/2013
Hi all

I am planning to file a PIL on this matter, Pls go through it and give ur suggestions pls.

Please see the below table to analyse the actual problem of this procedure.

Can-Category-Prelim mark- Written mark-Interview mark- Total mark(Written+Interview)
A General-65-90-25=115
B General-62-88-15=103
C Reservation-65-90-15=105
D Reservation-60-90-20=110
E Reservati-60-100-20=120

As per the recruitment method followed by Other State PSC and UPSC the final ranking will be based on the total marks. So ranking will be
1st rank- E-120 marks
2nd rank-A-115 marks
3rd rank-D-110 marks
4th rank-C-105 marks
5th rank-B-103 marks

To be continued

rohal, trissur : should file PIL

sarada, trivandrum : hi nikhil im not included in the main list.does your planned PIL stand in curt?.Have u consulted with any advocate?if favorable reply got i may join you.if 13 persons are ousted from main list another 13 should be included in main list No??.Psc saved its face by expelling 13 persons from main list to suppli list and not ousted 13 from suppli list?Is it justifiable??if we file a case for including a new 13 persons in main list will it stand in cort.seeking opinion of all learned members. kindly give suggestions
rashmi, ekm  29/11/2013

so interview will commence as per previous schedule.
GUYFAWKES, Mumbai  28/11/2013
Had called up PSC YESTERDAY..they said the memo has been despatched on 28th itself to all and the final decision on transferring the 13 people is still pending.
nikhil5968, kochi  28/11/2013
In upsc they are conducting prelim and selecting people giving differnet cut off for general obc sc candidates. They only take the total marks in written+interview irrespective of their prelim status.
Prelim is only a elimination process. Then why kerala psc is doing all this confusing list giving more importance to the mark of prelim(prelim mark not even counting for ranking)
nikhil5968, kochi  28/11/2013
psc revised the list.

I think I was wrong.
Even if supplementary candidates aggregate marks is more than general category, they will not include in Mainlist of final ranklist.

but still i have a doubt.
suppose in final ranklist cutoff for general is 122
a ezhava candidate A in present mainlist gets total(written+interview) 120 mark. another ezhava candidate B in present supplementary list gets 121 marks. Who will get appointment under ezhava reservation-A or B
rashmi, ekm  28/11/2013
psc revised list, they diverted 13 candidates to mainlist. what about the already existing supplementary candidate in ezhava and muslim community, equal number will be excluded or no change in previous candidates in supplementary list.
nikhil5968, kochi  27/11/2013
To all regarding rashmi’s query:

Here just think A,B,C,D-four candidates
A-general category
B-general category
C-Reserved Category
D-Reserved category

Prelim exam-General cut off 62
A and B got 63 in prelims included in general quota
C and D got 60 in prelims included in supplementary quota
Prelim list was unified list. So all 4 got selected to main exam
In written exam(Mainlist cutoff 87.5)
A got 90 and placed in mainlist
B got 87 and out since he is general candidate
C got 87.5 and placed in mainlist
D got 86 and placed in Supplementary list since he is a reserved category candidate

Here you see B with 87 mark is out of list
D with 86 marks is in the list.
Here candidate D is getting benefited two times of his reservation status-ones in prelim with less than 62 he included in list and in main also he got included in list with 86 mark
So it is injustice to B
So PSC wants to revise the list,

Suppose If C has not been placed in mainlist(who benefited by reservation status in prelim) One vacancy should have been there in Mainlist. In that Place B should have come. Cutoff should have been lowered to 87. And PSC wants to include C (who availed the benefit of reservation in prelim)in the supplementary list even though he scored 87.5 to give a equal chance to B for interview

Now it seems to justified since B with higher marks also included along with D who is having lower mark than B.

PSC says now you people compete in interview, we provided you opportunity to compete based on equality(because interview is also a part of exam, not a formality)
Now who ever gets more aggregate marks(written+interview) they will find place in mainlist of final ranklist irrespective of their general or supplementary quota in written result.

Now apply this logic why PSC diverted 13 candidates(who have scored less than 62 in prelims)from mainlist to supplementary list
Here PSC is not taking 13 new general candidates to mainlist. Instead of that they are eliminating people with low scores from the supplementary list So providing justice to the general candidate who was not able to be in even though they are having more marks than people who are in Supplementary list. (Now people with 87.5 marks are there both in main and supplementary list)

This is the logic behind Revision of List.

Aggregate marks plays role in your final ranking. So fight and find your place in final list.

This is my idea, not an authenticated answer from PSC, You people are welcome to commend on this.

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : Guyfakes-you will be in main list

nikhil5968, kochi : GUYFAWKES, Mumbai

if u r sure about ur cutoff, then u will be in mainlist only. Now psc revised the list. I hope u r still in mainlist.

nikhil5968, kochi : @ man 35 vadakkara,

ya friend now I know you are correct as per our PSC formality

But just think
A, B (general candidates)
C,D,E (reservation candidates)
Marks in preliminary-A and B (63), C(60),D(60) and E(63)
Marks in main - A(90), B(87),C(87.5), D(95) and E(100)

now D and E with high marks but not even considered for general merit.(their fault they fell short of few marks in prelim)

Otherwise PSC can take prelim+main+interview mark to decide final ranking.(like SSC is doing).
So each level will be crucial, and provide full justice.

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : good thought

GUYFAWKES, Mumbai : Bro,
One doubt. Lets jus say am reserved category. And I am pretty sure my prelims and mains marks were way above the cut off for general category. In that case, will my name go from mains list to supply list?? (my name is presently in mains list)

SKM, Clt : The logic& views of Nikhil are only partially correct.

1. PSC has not decided to remove anybody from Supplementary list. It is decided only to remove 13 candidates from Main to Supplementary. i.e, Main list will get shrinked to 38 and Supplementary list will be enhanced.

2. A candidate from Supplementary short list can become top in supplementary Rank list only. even if he/she performs outstandingly, He/She cannot become part of Main list. Only candidates from Main list (SHORT LIST) can become included in Final Main Rank list.That is the rule.

man35vadakara, kozhikode : >Nikhil,
suppose the situation is like this
A, B (general candidates)
C,D,E (reservation candidates)
Marks in preliminary-A and B (63), C(60),D(60) and E(63)
Marks in main - A(90), B(87),C(87.5), D(86) and E(84)
Here A,B, E are only qualified for general selection after preliminary. C and D are taken as supplementary list. They can never come to main list. They will be considered only if sufficient candidates of their category are not available from main list for appointment.Second level of examination (main exam) is for further reducing the candidates. Here main list people (A,D and E) will compete among themselves for getting into the second main list. C and D can compete between them for the inclusion in the second supplementary list.
nikhil5968, kochi  27/11/2013
I think by revising the list PSC gives equal footing(almost equality)to all the candidates belong to both general and supplementary. Now they are giving a equal platform to all of you to compete in interview. Perform well in interview and get more marks.

The final ranking will be based on the aggregate marks(If supplementary list guy get more mark than those in general list- supplementary guy will find place in final mainlist.

Thats what I am thinking. Pls provide ur points friends.

man35vadakara, kozhikode : >nikhil,
Supplemen guy can never come to main list. He fail to cross the cut off. He should be in supple list always. He will be considered only if no candidate of his category is available in the main list for appointmnet. Hence he can compete with others in supple list for getting first or better priority after main list. That\'s why PSC ousted 13 who fail to cross prelim cut off from main list to supple. Now they can compete with others in supple. They can never compete with those in main. They lost that chance as they fail to cross the cut off mark. They would have been ousted, but just retained in supple list for getting a chance for reservation turn appointment if no other candidate of their category available in main lis
rashmi, ekm  27/11/2013
Any idea about the new list from PSC?
whether they gona conduct as per the previous schedule, it seems to difficult right now to conduct the interview as per the previous schedule. Any news from PSC regarding this?
man35vadakara, kozhikode  26/11/2013
Actually those 13 are not qualified for general selection. They got less than the cut off mark in the prelim. Hence they can be considered only if sufficient candidates are not available in their category from the main list of 1000. This should be followed every time. Preliminary exam is the gateway. They fail in that. But only because of their reservtion chance, they included. They can never be in main list. PSC found this fault and expelled them. In the final supplementary list also, they should be kept below the persons of their category in the initial list of 1000 who fail to get 87.5 in main exam

ammu, Kannur : But if you consider the UPSC pattern of selections, they have separate cut offs for different category of candidates at the prelims level, but once the elimination is done they all are considered equal for the main exam.

But KPSC is demoting 13 people from a list which is made after a written test, considering their performance in the qualifying exam aswell.

In this case, considering the limited number of vacancies notified, it was not necessary for those people to gave the mains exam at all, because irrespective of their performance in the written test they will anyhow be considered in the supplementary list after the mains.
rashmi, ekm  25/11/2013
Suppose a person A belong to same community got 90 marks in written and find place in main list, and a person B got 85 mark in written and included in supplementary list.

Suppose in interview A gets 15 marks and B gets 25 marks, then total mark of A is 90+15=105
total mark of B is 85+25=110
who will include in the mainlist of final ranklist A or B? Logically it should be B
But as per PSC A will only include in Main ranklist!

What is the justice in this, somebody pls explain

man35vadakara, kozhikode : This is a multi level exam. Candidates have to cross each level successfully to get final selection. Once they fail to cross any one level. they will never be considered for the final race of general selection. Supplementary is for those who fail in any level, but may be considered if no one left in the reservation quota in the main list

man35vadakara, kozhikode : >Ammu,
After the preliminary exam for this post, 1000 candidates who got above the cut off mark (61) were selected for the main exam. But this list may not include sufficient number of candidates for selection in the reservation turn. Hence 2500 candidates were selected in addition to the above 1000 from the various reservation category as a supplementary list. But by mistake PSC published all of them as one list. The list of 2500 should only be used if sufficient number of candidates not available for reservation appointmnt from the 1000 in the main. But as unified list was prepared, 13 candidates in the supplementary list of 2500 also included in the main list after the main exam. This is fault. Hence rectified

Candidate, Pathanamthitta : B in this case hasn\'t scored 62 marks (general cut-off) in the prelims exam. The fact that B had reservation enabled B to get into the prelims list, overtaking candidates in open category, forfeiting their opportunity. Had the cut-off for prelims been reduced uniformly for all candidates, some from Open Category would have made into the mains list. This is the rationale behind this decision, as I gathered from papers.

ammu, Kannur : It is said that once you are in the supplimentary list, you can never come in the mail list, even if your performance is exemplary in the interview. So, practically, those in the supplimentary list will always be in supplimentary.

But can some one explain the logic behind this revision of Main list. Has the new list been published?
rashmi, ekm  25/11/2013
then whats the need of attending interview by the person in supplementary list. Anyway it is only 5 vacancy. All community people will be there among 51 candidates(SC,ST,OBC, Muslim, LC etc) included in the mainlist.
Then whats the need for supplementary list. Its then simply a trial for attending interview. wastage of time and energy of both candidates and PSC?

man35vadakara, kozhikode : >rashmi,
If u r in supple lsit means u r out of race at any of the levels of this multi level competition. U r just retained because u can be considered for reservation turn appointmentif no one of ur category left in main list. U r included in supple list because u perform better among the other candidates of ur category who fail to get included in supple list also. Now u can perform well in interview and the aggregate mark will be counted for final ranking in the supple list. But u can never come to main list. This is for those who crossed the cut off mark in both prelim and main exams

rashmi, ekm : @man 35 vadakkara,

even if the person in supplementary list is performing well in interview and get more marks he is not eligible to get into mainlist?
interview+written mark has to decide the ranking. So normally if a supplement list person\'s aggregate mark is more than general list candidate in total, supplementary list person has to be included in the mainlist of final ranklist. Interview is also a step in the selection process.

man35vadakara, kozhikode : >rasmi,
The candidates in the main list only are qualified for general selection. Supplementary list is for selecting reservation category candidates for appoint ment only if sufficient candidates are not available in main list. The interview is for getting priority among main list and also among the supplementary list. Candidates in supplementary can compete for getting first among themselves.They can never come to main list. Because they fail to cross the gateway or cut off mark.
man35vadakara, kozhikode  25/11/2013
Hi all. Today one breaking news. There is some anomaly in deputy collector rank list. related to reservation. Main list may be revised.
nikhil5968, kochi  25/11/2013
interview put on hold, as per todays manorama report?

Is it true that PSC will not conduct interview as per previous schedule
rashmi, ekm  24/11/2013
how u people are preparing for interview?
any idea about psc interview questions?

nikhil5968, kochi : today manorama news paper reported that PSC will not include any new people in mainlist.some people from mainlist will be diverted to supplementary list. The equal number of candidates will be excluded from the present supplementary list.
Interview will be held as per previous schedule.

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : Interview will be postponed...fresh short list will be prepared by excluding 15 candidates from general list more candidates will be included in main list....and these excluded 15 candidates will be included in supplementary list...
rashmi, ekm  24/11/2013
Hi friends,

any information from psc regarding interview?

any idea about the vacancies right now
nikhil5968, kochi  22/11/2013
how many of you are giving civil service main exam this time.


GUYFAWKES, Mumbai : Am giving mains this time,mate!!
renjit, kottayam  21/11/2013
any body having any idea about previous ranked list of deputy collector.i think people belog to that list have not yet joined the service..

nikhil5968, kochi : total how many candidates got appointment last time

mayu, kollam : frds,
how many people from prevous list selectd from supplementary list?
any chances for supply list or is it just rules purpose??

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : Everyone in the main list got selected....17 from main list shortlisted and 35 candidates shortlisted for main and supplementary. Also exam notification came for 1 vacancy and 17 candidates shortlisted...So hope this time psc follow the same or more...
roshnaalikunju, kollam  21/11/2013
only 5 vacancies are reported (4 at the time of notification+1).

nikhil5968, kochi : Tough fight 1:25 is the ratio.
All the best for the people who are cleared from this group
mayu, kollam  19/11/2013

what is the meaning of supplementary list.if the final ranking is based on mains +interview marks then is there ,chances that if final marks are greater the people now in suplementary list can be placed in main list in final ranking???

Supriya, Calicut : Most of the cases, it is unlikely that ppl from the supplementary list will find place in the main list after adding up the interview marks. The lists are prepared in such a way

nikhil5968, kochi : yes friend, u r correct.
Aggregate marks of written+interview decides the final ranking. If the candidates from supplementary list gets more marks then he can be IN final ranklist.

But in interview everyone will get almost equal marks. So mark in the written is crucial for final merit list.
roshnaalikunju, kollam  18/11/2013
anyboby hav idea abt the interview???

nikhil5968, kochi : u mean date or timings-it should be 10 or 11th for Muslim candidates( If i am not wrong).

ammu, Kannur  18/11/2013
Those who cleared the mains, did u get any date for interview? - either by post or online?
kozhikoddan, kozhikode  16/11/2013
How many candidates will be shortlisted for the general category main rank list from 51??
Any clue about the number of vacancies??

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : I have done almost all the questions in first paper, almost 55 out of 56 questions attempted...
For the second paper statistics was bit tough ,but I didn\'t leave any questions and i\'m from engg background ,I tried to remember some of the formula\'s and attempted all that question which I was not certain.But what I believe is my performance in first paper, fetch me a interview call.

man35vadakara, kozhikode : congrats kozhikodan. I would like to know how many marks u expected in the main. I expected 110-120 minimum and got less than 87.5. Really embarassing situation. What type of evaluation did they follow? How did u write the exam Mr. Kozhikodan

nikhil5968, kochi : which category u belong to-General or obc

nikhil5968, kochi : no idea, somewhere i read it may go upto 10. I did not remember the source.
K s p, C h e r t h a l a  16/11/2013
i could not achieve. best wishes for all who qualified. prepare well for interview.
nikhil5968, kochi  13/11/2013
who all are cleared from this group?

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : i\'m shortlisted in main list...

nikhil5968, kochi : congrats Kozhikodan, R u in mainlist?

nikhil5968, kochi : no, i am not included

kollambai, kollam : i am not cleared . expected to be in

man35vadakara, kozhikode : r u included in the list

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : i have cleared,what abt you?
what abt kollam bhai??
nikhil5968, kochi  13/11/2013
@kollam bai,
U cleared or not?
neelima1, kottayam  12/11/2013
sorry....I am not included in the list short list
roshnaalikunju, kollam  12/11/2013
anybody know hw many muslims are there in the main list??? plssss ...

nikhil5968, kochi : y not attending. go and attend yaar. u have any other exams during those date

roshnaalikunju, kollam : i m included in the muslim supply list...i m confused whether to attend the interview or not...

nikhil5968, kochi : whether u are in mainlist or supplementary list?
man35vadakara, kozhikode  12/11/2013
Hi all, deputy collector rank list published. I am not qualified. I expected 110-120 marks. At least 100 marks. But not got 87.5 marks for qualification. May be tough evaluation. What about others?

dc asprnt, kzkd : @mlpm guy what is ur roll no pls

mlpm guy, malappuram : proper evaluation. at least 40 marks in paper 2. 87.5 can be easy to me. but still outside the list
shais shanavas, Trivandrum  12/11/2013
Breaking News!!! Cabinet finally approved Deputy Collector Rank list for publishing with Main list having 51 candidates and 74 in supplementary list;Interview on Dec 4,2013.
kozhikoddan, kozhikode  12/11/2013
but I lost my main exam hall ticket??

kozhikoddan, kozhikode : whether you have prelims hall ticket??I found my number using psc call center and tell your barcode number they will provide you the main hall ticket number....God\'s grace I got shortlisted...

civilserviceaspirant, kozhikode : I also lost my hallticket and dont remember my number. Now how can I find out if I am part of the list?
kozhikoddan, kozhikode  12/11/2013
At last result published
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