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1. The standard high level language using in internet is:
2. First Technopark established in India at:
Click Here for AnswerThiruvanathapuram
3. Zip programs are used for:
Click Here for AnswerReduce the size of files by compressing
4. The icon in the standard tool bar having the shape of a Floppy disk is used for:
5. CAD stands for:
Click Here for AnswerComputer Aided Design
6. In word processing,red underline indicates:
Click Here for AnswerSpelling mistakes
7. The PROCESSOR is located in the:
8. The printed output from a computer is called
9. Computer Monitor is also known as
10. The default language of Microsoft word is:
11. Which key deletes the characters to the left of the cursor?
12. In which shortcut key used to undo the document?
13. Modulation is the process of
Click Here for Answerconverting digital signals to analog signals
14. "GUI" stands for
Click Here for AnswerGraphical User Interface
15. What is the storage capacity of a DVD?

16. What is the storage capacity of a CD ROM?

17. What is the storage area for email messages called?

18. SQL stands for
Click Here for AnswerStructured Query Language
19. Saving a file from the Internet onto your computer is called

20. High level programming language can be converted to machine language using which of the following ?

21. A Web site's main page is called
22. Verification of a login name and password is known as:
Click Here for Answerauthentication
23. What is the commonly used unit for measuring the sped of data transmission?
Click Here for AnswerBits per second
24. IC chips used in computers are made of

25. The operating system is the most common type of ____________ software.


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